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What would you like to see in the next GTA?

Easy question: what would you want to see in the next GTA game. Don't say too much things because that would be too easy to spam. I would like to see more mafia like in GTA3 or Liberty City Stories.
Umm... zero to little loading times.
Wow I have a lot of things I want in the next GTA game.

    No Loading times
    Bigger City
    Explosive Enviorment
    More Bikes

I have more and I'll edit my post later.
No loading times - its Next Gen with bigger disks and faster processor speeds ... so it's not impossible.

A Larger city - more area to explore ... maybe even a "make your city" option... Like a sims game for the first part, and a mafia game further on.

More interactive environment - you blow something up, it stays there until it's repaired/toed away.

Multi player...and online modes would be a nice bonus... but *only* if done right.

And multi campaigns - choose a player, and follow their campaign... now that PS3 will use blu-ray disks with more storage space...this is realistically possible now...

Hopefully they;'ll use the space wisely.
I would like to see these things in the next gta.

Actual cities: I want to see huge wider cities that resemble today's actual cities.
Guests: It would be really nice to see guest artists and actors provide their voices and their characters to their game.
Vehicles: I love to ride bikes while playing GTA and I want more of them.
and Multiplayer option !
My list for GTA:

- absolutely no loading times
- explosive environment, so we could destroy everything
- a nuclear bomb Twisted Evil
- more characters
I am pretty satisfied with the current GTA...

but I dont think you people have heard of this..

the GTA 4 is already under construction and it is being released as the High Definition version for the PS3 sometime this year..

dont miss out on it..

for more information google it could search for "GTA 4"

just so that you dont be under misconception..

San Andreas, Vice City, Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories are all a part of GTA3 and the latest version that is coming out is called the GTA 4 which is simply gonna be off the hook..
my list

blowing up buildings
more cars (like mustang, ferarri,....)
more boats and higher waves so you can jump on the waves
I would like to see it look like Motorstorm. That game looks crazy.

More variety of cars would be good. Real cars. Buildings to explore, houses you can break into and rob, buildings taking damage when you smash into them...all that stuff that happens in real life. But with the cool non-real life car crash physics!
I want to see in the next GTA game:
-More confilicts between the AI's. I mean , it's nice to go through the city and see 2 gangs fighting with shotguns, tec9s, etc.
I felt the formula was getting a little tired by San Andreas. Don't get me wrong, it was still great, but I had the feeling I'd been there and done that to some extent. Maybe it was the fact the engine hadn't been improved much over three games.

If we're going 'next gen' with this thing, I'd like to see:

-better graphics
-improved AI
-multiplayer (and this is probably the biggest thing)

In fact if it was an MMO environment (not an MMORPG as such, just thousands of players per server) then that would be incredible - if done right.
I think you should be able to take over your city politicaly now. But the next GTA is going to be set in London, and I think you can end up as governor. There's also a lot of mafia in the new one.
more bikes
more shot guns
MORE vehicles such as motorbikes, and better sound quality.
Would prefer cars with real manufacturer
I love how they kept adding more things to do. It's like many games in one. Racing, action, Bikes and ramps, that kinda thing.

I think for the next one they should:

Totally change the shooting mechanics. Could you imagine how off the hook the game would be if they made it multi-player and then added a first person shooting mechanic.

How hard would it be? Not hard at all. You run around and fight, jump drive, just like the previous ones, but just press a button and you go into first person mode.

It would add all the dynamics of an FPS. That would be rockin' cool.
I would like to see that you can go in more buildings and explore them, I would also like to have places where you can just rob like corner stores or big stores or maybe banks something like that which will keep you busy. They need to have another bank robbing mission that one in Vice City was good but they need to make a longer one.
I would like to see GTA as a roleplaying game. Just like Vice city and these others, but without NPCs. That would be great!
I love GTA for awesome secret content ;] So more of that would be awesome, like secret cars, characters and funny animation sequences or something like that.
Also some better interactivity with environment and better management of your territory (like buying/selling stuff, land etc.)
Multiplayer is a good thing too, but I guess for this kind of game the only right thing to do is makin an MMO type of the game.
Crxss wrote:
I think you should be able to take over your city politicaly now. But the next GTA is going to be set in London, and I think you can end up as governor. There's also a lot of mafia in the new one.

The next GTA will problably be in Liberty City. View the trailer on

I would like to see a great variety pedestrians. Like not seeing the same ped for 2 street blocks.
And more bikes (there are only like 6 in SA)
More boats, and more influence in the game for them. Like some canals going through the city with boats in them.
More planes and expanded airport possibilities. Like being able to get to another city only by plane (a stolen one or not). And more activity on the airport, cargo dropped of, tourists come and go, etc.
And last but not least, more cars. Same story as with the peds: not seeing the same vehicle for 2 street blocks.
To be able to control more gang members, say up to a 100, tell them to follow you in cars to places , hit stores for you or attack other gangs, that would be cool
I just want to see GTA released on X-Box @ the same time as the PlayStation release. I hate waiting.
Better graphics, more houses to go into and a countertsrike weapon handling...
Having an online mode wouldn't hurt, although I think this will have to be tested out first before they can show it to the public consumers. It would be cool to play this game online, but the world would have to be a lot bigger. The only problem I can see from this is that if everyone is killing everybody else. Maybe a way to form gangs and stuff would separate people from one another.
Kitten Kong
Two things i would kill for in the next GTA

1. Destructible environments. Im talking buildings where you can drive in through a wall and crash through the other, I just think that would be cool.

2. Multiplayer. This would cause me to buy the game instantly, huge cities, unlimited vehicles and you're hunting your best mate for sport. If you've never played GTA2 tag game then go download it now from Rockstar and go for it.
The top things I would like to see in GTAIV are:

Multiple Storylines. You should have the ability to choose where you want your GTA life to take you - do you want to live a life of crim, or a life of virtue? What you do in the game should affect where the game takes you.

Destructible Environments. Previously in GTA, a single bullet could blow up a car but a rocket couldn't scratch a window. When I run a tank into a suburban house in the projects, I expect it to crumble under my treads. As for reconstruction, the destroyed buildings could be programmed to be rebuilt in a certain number of days (in-game or otherwise).

Not just a single game. Imagine if you were walking along the street, and came across a bunch of people playing soccer on a pitch. You could load up FIFA (or GTA Soccer), and join in.

Online Multiplayer. Connect online, and immediately be immersed in a whole new world, connecting to millions others at the same time. Team up with others to create your own gang, with your unique colours and tags.

Unique NPC's. What if every non-player character in the game had a mind of his/her own? You ran over a woman with your car, and weeks later, her husband, intent on revenge, snipes you out from the bell tower as you're starting your day? You wouldn't be able to control it, it would be so realistic.

Rockstar keeps blowing away our expectations with each game, so it isn't too unrealistic to hope for these things in GTAIV. I can't wait for it to come out, maybe it's worth getting a PS3 for?
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