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Yu-Gi-Oh / Your favorite Deck

Would someone show his or her deck. I'm right now researching about the new metagame, of course taking into account the forbbiden lists of 1st march.

I would like to know what kinds of decks are popular in your area, in my area the most popular deck is Monarch, with some kind of variation.

I would post my deck too, but right now i dont have my deck at hand, when i get home i would post it myself.
Wow, to be honest, I play rather a lot, but I don't have any kind of a structured (or named/typed) deck - it's not even a normal theme. I didn't initially want to learn to play, because I had enough fun just watching my friends duel with each other, but my best friend convinced me to learn by assembling me a deck made from all of the cards she had with pretty boys on them... I don't remember every card that's in it, but my favourites are my three Vampire Lords, Harpie's Brother, and my Black Luster Soldier.

I'm terrible at dueling, and I refuse point-blank to do one-on-one duels with many of my friends (I hate getting completely destroyed at any game)... But at least my cards are pretty enough to distract me when I'm losing terribly.
I am a amateur at playing yu-gi-oh card games, but liked watching the show.

However, my half of my cards composed of magic and trap cards, and others are just normal monster that has its attack ranging from 1000-1800.. I didn't include any fusion monster at all since summoning it out is quite troublesome.
Me.. If it's me... It's maybe not called a structured deck, lot's of elements, lot's of race, but they had connected abilities .. And my fave is.. Deck Drainer Deck Razz I don't care if they attack me with 1800~2400 attack /turn, as long as I could stop their attack for about 10~15 turn, All of their deck will be sent to graveyard ^^

I don't said that I'll sent them by kill them one by one, but force them to discard it directly from their hand/deck to graveyard using Spell card, flip effect monster, or trap crad like Card Destruction, Cyber Jar #2, or something like that ^^ I'll post it later
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