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[official] Your online translation site.

Please post your favourite translation tool in this topic.
Made sticky.

I think that this is the best free translater out there. Mostly because it isn't full of ads and all. I just hope that google makes it do more languages like polish also.

Interesting topic james Very Happy
It all depends on the importance of the translation.
If it's really important I prefer a book than a online dictionary.

I might give "a glance" to sites like:


or Google translate

Sometimes it's good to check the meaning of words:
Hello, I use this tools:

Also they are not always Shakespear Wink
they create reasonable output!
It's a general web-assistance tool, but it also includes a nice translator:

English and Russian only:
I use three and
I usually use Google translate, but to translate to/from catalan, which is my language, I use this:

which is made by the government of Catalonia (Spain).

Bye Very Happy
I use .

And , a multilingual dictionary.
Maybe is good, many languages.
I use this :

And This :

Is veeery good !
i use google translation Tools Provided uin google web. But I stick in grammer because When I Retranslated that sendtence which i had translated it before From English Its give some other Meaning Confused Sad
So... I use


They are very good!

Google Tools's cool too...

Very Happy
I use great PROMT translator that translates from English, German, Spanish, French and ... err... Russian to that languague.
Address is .

100% the best. gives you a page looks like original, but translated to your language. unbeleavable!
In most cases I just use that Google Translation thing mentioned above to check up on certain words. But recently I've tried a few others (mostly through translation/dictionary softwares) to test out how they preform:
Although it is not perfect. It is pretty good when other engines like Google fails to provide a comprehensible translation.
Although the rate of failure seems to be higher than that of Excite Japan, it is still pretty nice.

Another engine, but one that's exclusive to their own software, is It provides really interesting and different translations. Instead of giving the general word by word literal translation, it tries to mix things up and give the "true" meaning. Although when it works it's really great, when it fails, it becomes incomprehensible, so I had to head to Excite Japan.

But er, I just realized the ones I provided were all only translations between English and Asian languages (aside from Google and Babylon).
I use which is a good translation site.
Without a shadow of a doubt, my favourite English translation site is mine! (No bias!)
Italian to English translation
Portuguese to English translation

E' troppo lento!!! Ho provato tutti i traduttori a disposizione on-line e gratis the better one , for me is the nest: don't exist, now a good translator the better is always the man. If you use google, after some line you can see that not is more in function and the words are in the previous language. Trajnslator can help you in only one way: when you must trannslate only a world or a little frase. For ths last think i use Reference, is a good product ane I like it.
To translate I use and polish page

When I don't have net I use English Translator , this program translate english to polish (and polish to english) sentences.
Google Translate if it has the language, but I've never really gone into comparing them, as long as I can get the basic idea of what something is saying it's fine.
Google Translate is the best translator for now, but dont have polish translation support Sad
lingoes is pretty good. it compiles all the translators into one program and you can choose which translator you want to use along with a multitude of languages to choose from.

i really do not recommend babelfish or google because they only translate the literal meaning of words. babelfish and google don't understand the grammar of foreign languages, especially asian ones so the translation and meaning is lost. the best translator is one that understands slang, but that's pretty hard to come by.
There are several Mozilla Firefox plugins (translation tools), that you can use to translate text. there are translation tools and links to different translation sites so you can translate a text without navigating to the translation site , the browser does all the work . and you also can quikly translate the same text using different translation services.
for mozzila users:

youl find a lot kool stuff for your browser
Ben türkçe ingilizce çeviri için adresini kullanıyorum.
im using for en-tr translate.
sonam is my favorite site for translations.

use babylon
I'm using Babelfish and Google Translate, as alot of people metioned.

I pretty amazed you all forgot Babylon, which is the greatest tool for translating from english to almost any language.

For Hebrew-English/English-Hebrew translations, there's Morfix translator which does a pretty good job.
I tried Google but the Chinese it translated from English was not with correct gramma and not in order. Not sure if it could do other languages well.

Try They provide translation for most languages in the world, you can request a free service too.
The best for Norwegian, Spanish and English translation is called: ""

It got all the words hehe
i always use google translator. it supports various languages.....
Firilacroco, and
Google Language tools
Excite World(JP)
They are both my favorite tranlation engines. Excite World can usually translate Japanese into another language (or another into Japanese) better than Google Language tools. However, Google Language tools is more powerful because it supports more languages. Very Happy
The most translation website I used is google,another is translation is very convinient and powerful,it can translate many languages into English,I like it.I also have used some software but I think it is not convinient.For studying medicine I use The Medical Dictionary software named Meddic,its vocabulary is very very large,almost all complicated medical words I can find translation with it,you can download it here:
A quite good translation tool. You can translate English-German, German-French, German-Spanish, German-Italian and German-Chinese.
In Aruba we are teached 4 languages
Papiamento (native language)
English (Mandatory)
Dutch Official language)
Spanish (Optional)
French (Mandatory in my times, now it is optional)

Question wll be why so many languages.
before we didn't had no university, so our kids had to go to other countries such as USA, Holland to do their degree.
Now we have so now it is easy.
Anybody that wants to learn a few words in Papiamanto just let me know.[/quote][/code][/list]
German -> Eng -> German
German - Ital -> German
German -> French -> German

Great database of words and phrases (not a text translator like google).
If there's a word missing in the database, there is a thread in the forum, where it's been discussed. Or you just create one yourself, if you don't find anything.
James007 offers accurate translations as well.
Hi guys,
how to make an italian translation?

When I need a translation, I use
usually using for a quick translate but sometimes im using to translate some turkish words to other languages.
If you need to hear the translation, go to
Your friends will be surprised by your perfect accent.
I've found this amazing Free Online & Live Human Translator
If you're not satisfied by their free machine translator, you can ask a human translator to translate your text.
hotxino wrote:
I usually use Google translate, but to translate to/from catalan, which is my language, I use this:

which is made by the government of Catalonia (Spain).

Bye Very Happy

Do you still use this? I use Google for Catalan...
bestanswer wrote:
If you need to hear the translation, go to
Your friends will be surprised by your perfect accent.

I will try this on my next trip to Paris! Thanks!
socratos is my favorite translator after google translate. you can do text to speech, translating text between 47 languages, word dictonary and other special property about translate.

i am always use google translator

i very very like google translator
google translate is for sure the best.
Most importantly its free from ads and is constantly improved up and new languages are added everyday. and yes its free as always.
Best online dictionary I found so far. Unlike google and many others it recognizes deflected words and even contraptions. You can actually use this website to translate texts without speaking a single word of the language. If you try this with google translage you'll get many mistakes or utter nonsense.
I use .
It only don translation Finnish into Russian.
But with help of this translator I can learn Russian; for example:
I love you is in finish "Minä rakastan sinua" and in Russian "Я тебя люблю."

I also use Translation for computers, portable devices and mobile phones (iPhone,Android,...)
And with help of this translator I can do some Hebrew translation; for example:
I love you is in finish "Minä rakastan sinua" and in Hebrew "אני אוהב אותך"
I do not trust mechanical translators very much (although I would use them in a pinch, say, if I only wanted to get the general meaning and I was pressed for time). For words and phrases, I especially like Wordreference; it's good and it has the added benefit of discussion forums, where one can ask native speakers clarification questions.
Unknown1312 wrote:
A quite good translation tool. You can translate English-German, German-French, German-Spanish, German-Italian and German-Chinese.

IMHO is the best German-English translator, simply because it lives of user contributions. Also it's free, open, clean, fast and even shows a picture of the expression (if it finds an appropriate one).[/url]
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