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Cloning U3 on non Scandisk USB 2 drive?

I bought the Scandisk Cruzer 2GB USB2 drive, and finds the U3 Launchpad very useful to backup my MS Outlook.

To make a backup of it, I have to buy another Scandisk USB drive.
Actually I email them and they have given a LPInstaller to re-install U3 on Scandisk USB drive, but less all my settings.

I check on the Internet, and some have successfully backup the U3 on non-scandisk USB drives, but the details are brief.

Is there anyone familiar with this, or where can I find the USB Hacker software (Claim to be able to clone U3 to non-Scandisk).

This is more of a experiment (curiosity) than need.

I find a topic about Hacking U3 Smart USB Drives, flow this topic you may find a link for download the U3 cdrom iso (To burn on cdrom partition of the U3 disk). The link URL is :

Your may download the ISO and uncompress it (use eg: winrar, winiso etc) or mount it to some directory under linux. After this, copy all the files to the USB disk.

But this may not work corectly because U3 disk will act as a USB cdrom drive flow by a normal USB storage disk. Some file on the cdrom disk (eg: h:\) may find files on partition follow next to its partition name (eg: i:\). Some you may need to hacking some config file or executable to change this.
Thank you for the info, sure looks complicated, but I will try it out. I can only reply back next week, as this week is far too busy for any testing.

Once again thank you, and will feedback soon.
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