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I love that one....Hehehe
I love Lindsay Lohan too, now can we talk about this...
Come on come on
yeah I liked that movie, it was funny. Very Happy
i absolutely love this movie, it's one of my favorites and haven't you noticed? my username actually came from mean girls.. since then i've used meangurl everywhere and even my domain. anyway mean girls' really great, it's very inspirational and have some great lessons that the kids today should live on. besides, great characters and i've been a fan of rachel mcadams eversince from the "the hot chick" movie. one of the best chick flick movies in the movie industry.
cj the dude
that movie was fetch
That movie was quite funny, and it was good to. I ended up watching it twice.
Ya it was kind of funny Razz
Ohh! I sooo love Mean Girls!! I love everything about it! Although I might be the only one who likes this movie that is not a fan of Lindsay's but whatever Razz LOL I love Karen since she is sooo funny and stupid (you know the character that is just welll - stupid and all Razz she rocks) and I love the actress that plays Karen, she was awesome in Veronica Mars Wink
I love this movie too. I watch it over and over again, together with Freaky Friday and Parent Trap... hehehe Smile
cool movie i guees
i remember all the girls
Mean girls is not my favorite, but I love it.
I have seen it like three times when we first bought the movie (not at the same time), its quite good.

The actors and actresses match their part quite well, that is what I noticed most about the movie.
Oh yeah, I love Mean Girls! Lindsay's pretty cool... But my favorite charater there would be Karen Smith... haha... The actress who portrayed her was so good! Haha.. I kept on laughing whenever there was a scene with Karen.. Laughing

well anyway, it was cool. Smile
The Shogun
That's the type of movie where when it came out in theatres, I said "What is this trite?"

...Then I saw it on the Movie network and it was one of the most clever movies I'd ever seen. Great flick, definitely not what it appears to be.
Had surprising more content and held my interest for longer than I anticipated. Still not perfect, but how can you really hate a movie with Rachel McAdams in it? Laughing
I love romantic comedies :) This one also! It's the type of movie you could see all over again the next day and still laugh as much as yesterday :)
I realy hate Lindsey but this movie is fun to watch. Rachel McAdams is playing verry nice Very Happy
Great movie.

Really enjoyed. Seen it at least 10 times.

Lindsay Lohan = Droolage! *drools*
nice movie.. and lohan is HOTTT! ... right after watching meangirls, i saw 'thirteen' on TV.. what contrast!! .. 'thirteen' is a serious movie on teenage girls going horribly wrong... but a well made movie nonetheless..
I liked it. Would have to say that it isn't one of my favourite movies though. It would be the type of movie that I would sit down and watch if there was nothing else to do. It was also way different than I expected it to be. I thought it was going to be one of those really stupid teen movies, but then I saw it and was surprised to see how clever it was. It was well done.
I don't know ANYBODY who doesn't like this movie. ... alright maybe one, but just one. I thought it was a great movie. And I could watch this five times in a row and still not be sick of it.
I like the mocking of the way that us highschoolers live our lives. It's really quite stupid, hence makign it so funny! And the sex-ed guy. AWESOME.
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