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Brittneys Extream Makeover

Brittneys radical change, more or less dignifying?
More Dignified
 20%  [ 3 ]
Less Dignified
 80%  [ 12 ]
Total Votes : 15

Ray Gravin
I think her attempt to seperate herself from her celebrity status makes her much more dignified. I thought she was such a tool for so long, especially over the last year or so with all the Paris stuff, but since she shaved her head and peirced her birthing organs I kinda like her lol!

I have a feeling I'm going to lose a lot of respect for this post...
She has gone completely insane to think she's the anti-Christ. Or, from what I read, I think that's how they said it. She needs to get her sh*t together because too many kids look up to her as a role model. She has totally wasted her fame that most people would envy to have her type of status and has spun herself into a time warp . I would never award her custody of her kids until she has shown that she's not psychotic. And, Right now you have no clue what's going through her mind. She's a nut job. She's going down hill fast and the only thing she's doing is tarnishing her name. No one will ever look at her as the Pretty Brittney. It's like another Anna Nicole. It's Trailer Trash Brittney.

*LoL, I saw a video of her during an interview where her clothes were hanging off, she's crying like crazy "I'm not a good mom" (Gee, I wonder Why), and she's letting booger snots drip from her nose then wiping it on her clothes. Snapping gum throughout the whole interview. OMG
Ray Gravin
It's like another Anna Nicole. It's Trailer Trash Brittany.

I always thought she was trashy, and on top of that she was a personification of the pretty party girl stereotype, kind of like Paris Hilton. I think her most recent changes might be a sign that she's leaving that behind her and cutting ties with her celebrity status. I think she might actually be growing up. She's atleast trying to find her own identity.
Britney is rumoured to have scared staff at Promises Treatment Center in Malibu by running through the facility claiming she’s the Antichrist and trying to hang herself with a bed sheet from a light-fitting - and she’s worrying her family too.

Britney’s cousin Alli has all but moved into the clinic to help keep an eye on her but the family still don’t think it’ll be enough to keep Britney on track. A source told the magazine: “They hope that Britney will stay at Promises for a month, but they’re nervous she might not last that long.”

The Fame has made her mental. I don't think she's trying to find herself. Confused
Ray Gravin
The Fame has made her mental. I don't think she's trying to find herself.

She did admit herself into this treatment center no? Is that not a sign that she is making an attempt to recuperate from the damage of the celebrity life style? I'm not arguing that she's not crazy or mentally damaged from stress and substance abuse, but that she's making an effort to change for the better. As someone who experienced a mild mental breakdown I think its safe to assume that she at-least wants to change.

Is it not more dignified to turn around and fight the current when your being rushed down the river of disaster then it is to just let the current take you to your end?
Ray Gravin wrote:
She did admit herself into this treatment center no?

I don't think it was by a choice of why she admitted herself into the Promises Treatment Center. It was probably more or less a family intervention with a counselor.

Going around saying your the Antichrist, Is not going around saying, "Hey, I've realized what I've done and I'm going to change for the better for the safety of my children and family.

Suicide- Obviously she's a Manic Depressive-. Way she's acting she seems more toward Bi-Polar

K-fed had a lot to do with it (Probably Brainwashed her like Hobo is trying to Brainwash me HAHA - Not falling for it Hobo!), Fame had some to do with it, Paris didn't help (She parties way too much) and Brittney was probably excited that "She got to hang out with Paris then looked like a fool"

I do hope she gets better because she had a golden career. She more less reminded me of the Madonna Era. I don't think Madonna had any influence in her situation as of today.

After she got married is when everything went downhill.
Ray Gravin
Going around saying your the Antichrist, Is not going around saying, "Hey, I've realized what I've done and I'm going to change for the better for the safety of my children and family.

She was in the treatment center when she was saying this stuff about being the antichrist wasn't she? If she's coming off of some kind of chemical dependency then I'm sure her behaviour is pretty normal. You might be right though, mabe she is just losing it all together.
For her and her kids I hope she does wake up.
I am just shocked over what she has done to herself. I would say she has some big problems when she ends up like this, and she should get some help. Whenever I have problems I usually talk with my mother, or anyone I can thrust, she should talk about her problems with someone she can trust. And when people say get some professional help, things can get worse by that kind of help. I have tried it and I feel even worse afterwards.
X3 Talk
Why would anyone seriously sell their hair? I think she has some issues that need to be sorted out.
Let me just put it this way...

Brittney is a FREAK OF NATURE! She shaved her head. But that's the least of it, she was always a freak. She was basically a.. well.. slut... To think that she was rich and famous (and like all other famous and rich people) she took that for granite.
I think it's hilarious how everyone has reacted to this. I've always thought girls with shaved heads were ridiculously sexy!
Comparing these 2 pictures:

From 1999

From 2007

I'd say 18 year old Britney is much more hot looking than the 26 year old bald Britney, but I had expected her to do something stupid in the end, her fame couldn't last that much Razz(and I'm somewhat glad it didn't).
For those that remember... Sinéad O'Connor

I think Brittney is just stupid... never liked her music, never thought she was hot... she is just superficial... and now she is trying to do something to gain a different kind of attention...
Not to be snarky, but perhaps we could fixed the 2 mispellings in the subject line? That might make this a slightly more credible discussion.
I thought I would resist this one, but the way some posters have reacted is incredible Shocked

Regardless of your opinion of Britney herself, the stark, harsh and slighty offensive comments people have made only serve to highlight the fascination most people have with the cult of celebrity... people say things about famous people they wouldn't dream of uttering about "nobodies".

Not wishing to go down the whole wishy-washy "famous people are people too" route, but Britney is only 26 and unravelling infront of the public gaze is obviously going to be very painful - I know the counter argument is going to be about how she chose fame etc, but c'mon, she's was only a kid! And what child doesn't want on some level to be recognised as they are growing up?

Aless wrote:
That might make this a slightly more credible discussion.

Maybe... but I don't think so - it's always just going to be gossip! Of course, now i'm as guilty as the next man Very Happy

So for my tuppen'worth, I wish Britney all the best, but unfortunately I don't really care about her - nothing personal, I just don't know her!

I personally feel sorry for Britney, she is going through a very tough time, something I feel the media are taking advantage of.

She's a normal person with an extraordinary job, she really needs all the support she can get, just as anyone else would in her position.
Personally I don't think she's ever been a great role model. I think she wanted to settle down and get married and have kids and that's it.
I also think this is post depression and she's calling for help somehow. You got to think though this is a great way for her to stay in the press.
hahahahaha bald britney ... Laughing Laughing

I've voted fot less .... Rolling Eyes
I found Britney's new look to be quite interesting, to say at the least. When I first heard about it, I couldn't believe my eyes until I was shown a picture of the pop princess with her new, shaven head. The events following her head-shaving were quite surreal to me, too.

I couldn't help but find the drama surrounding her right now to be quite humorous. The somewhat recent news of her Antichrist bit was slightly odd, though. It makes me wonder what goes on in that head of hers when the public in need of learning about her life.
Britney's gone insane. She totally lost her mind Shocked
Captain Fertile
I thinkthe poor girl has had too much too fast. She has been surrouned by 'yes men' and spongers her entore life.

She just needs someone to be there for 'her'!

She has always struck me as the 'trailer park trach' kind of stereotype and maybe she is resirting to type, it doesn't matter how much money you have - that is how you were made.

Now is the time she will find who her truef friends are, I pray she has at least one to help her through this.

Its ok to say that we wish we had been in her position with all the money etc. but no matter who she is, I think the girl is hurting and I hope she comes out of this a better person. Crying or Very sad
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It's always a bad sign when your behavior is so outrageous that people are turning to your white trash ex-huband and commenting, "He seems like he's got it all together!" Brittney Spears is a sad, sad, sad case of someone who got a lot of fame and quickly spun out of control. Between the fake marriages, the terrible parenting and the weak music -- it's really a triple WHAMO of doom for her!
Half the problem is everyone talking about how bad her life is. Because she became famous as she entered her late teen years, she became a source of gossip and now all you can find in the tabloids are tales of Britney's failure and doom. If all you ever hear is about how pathetic you are or how screwed up your life is, you start to believe it. She needs supportive people and some time out of the spotlight to work on herself, independent of her music career. Just about everyone hits these points in life where they don't like where they are and aren't sure of how to change it. And a lot of times the key is having the support and opportunity to redirect but it's certainly not easy. She's just having these moments projected across the pages of magazines which will do nothing to help her sort things out. Everyone just needs to back off and leave her alone.
I agree with Captain Fertile and benjmd. I know she's not a little kid by any means, but she started her career at a very young age, and I think that's finally catching up to her, along with other factors too of course. I don't like her at all, but I kind of feel bad. I know that I wouldn't want every single detail of my life recorded in magazines for all to see (good or bad), so I can imagine how she's feeling with all the scrutiny about her not being a good mother, etc. Imagine if the whole world knew about every mistake you made in life; that must be horrible! She's obviously going through a crisis. Maybe shaving her head was a cry for help, and maybe it wasn't, but either way, as benjmd already said, people need to back off and let her fix her life without any negative interference.
Laughing Laughing Twisted Evil

*What if Brittney's Makeover is just a rouge to deceive the truth of the real news. To take eyes off government but put the spotlight on someone else.

Remember Brittney's interview where's she's all dressed up in her church going outfit. "Saying "everyone should leave the President alone" haha I think maybe he brainwashed her. Back then it even looked like she had a wig on.

then she's a bad mom

Now the anti-christ..

*all eyes have been on just Brittney, from K-fed-Paris-Bad MoM-Custody Battle-Going Bald-Spasing out on a van-The Tattoo(wonder what that looks like)-being the anti-christ.lmao It would totally explain her actions. Maybe she got initiated into the club. for the re-cap video
might be that she is going through the same phase that alot of teenagers do.. acting like a rebell.. just that she never had a chance of doing this cause of her celebrity.. man I got alot of friends that have done this, or other extreme makeovers.. I had phases like this myself too.. going vegetarian, put needles throuh my arms and ears.. and alot of stuiped stuff.. it was a phase during my teens.. I can't blaim or hold anyone back for doing stuff like this.. I've done it too.. no one would care if she wasnt a celeb.. so if you ask me, media should back the ****** off and leave her alone, it's obvious that she dont feel very good and they sure as hell aint making it any better.. she have been in the spotlight since she started with that disney show when she was about 7 years old.. ofc she is tired.. I like her more now.. do what you feel like.. dont care about what the rest of the world think abuot it.. I listen to her songs and values her opinions, I dont ****** to her nude pictures on the internet... so her looks doesnt matter.. her personality does..
The tattoos

Britney's first tattoo was of a butterfly with a vine, symbolic of the genealogy of the Monarch(y) program. This was followed by a black pentagram and one of the 72 Kabbalistic Hebrew names of God, which is said to have been misspelled.

2nd cute little lips on her wrist

Hebrew name of Esther. Do you remember the name of Britney's hair salon?

*gets interesting when you read the article. lol
Princess Diana and Playmate Marilyn Monroe both were born on the first of the month and died at the age of 36 in August. They both married on the 29th of the month to men twelve years older. Marilyn called herself the Queen of Diamonds and Diana the Queen of Hearts.

I knew she was brainwashed ha ha
Britney Spears till this point was not a person. She was a creation of a the music/entertainment/money industry, and during the most formative years for her psychological development. I think she realized that in order to seperate from all that crap and find some semblance of a Self within the person that she was moulded into(albeit voluntarily...perhaps...)she had to totally break all the rules as applied to the celebrity game, and now she just needs to put herself back together peice by peice, in a way that SHE choose, for her own sake and not for everyone elses.

Shes like the poster girl for the silly american dream...and the consequences of buying into it.
Something is very wrong with her.She´s acting very strange, and her carrer it´s almost over,it´s sad, if you think about it.
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