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My Web Design & Internet Community

Hi everyone,

Just a little over a week ago I finally published my first-ever site. It's mainly for web-design, design (in general) & internet fanatics. I'm still getting the site content together but the forum is already active so check it out and join if you want to. Cool

Oh yeah and I currently have 2 contests up: one is a design-pack/smilies contest and the other contest is for post-count (winner gets an iPod Nano) and anyone from anywhere is allowed to join. Cool

I'd love to get some feedback, but for now mainly on the forum setting, esp. where I've placed the huge google adsense banner, search box & firefox referral.

Hi, Sabrina.
I visited your site. I liked the colours you used. The think I appreciated the most was the amount of forums and content in the forums you created. This usually gives people an incentive to make posts.
What I do want to know from you is the following. How many of the registered users on your site are people that you know personally? How many users are registered on your site.
Another thing that I want to know is why you do not use ads like Google’s Adsense to make a few cents?
yeah, I like the smileys. Those are cute. ;o). You did a good job.
Hi, and thanks for visiting my site! Smile

I know 2 people from my forum personally. As for Google Adsense, I am using them for the forum. I'm actually using the Google search engine, the Firefox referral and the leaderboard banner all at the forum. Very Happy
You should go with a web forum like ipb or phpbb. CGI or .pl forums are a no-no due to their heavy server usage and easy hack-ability
warallthetm wrote:
You should go with a web forum like ipb or phpbb. CGI or .pl forums are a no-no due to their heavy server usage and easy hack-ability

I have been trying to move but the forum converter isn't successfully moving half the members and half the total number of posts. Confused I started with YaBB mainly because when I registered for the web host, they weren't supporting PHP at the time. Confused Sad
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