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some weird error while installing phpbb2

Allright, so the deal is this.
I've had Phpbb2 on my site for a year now, but recently decided to switch to nuke, which has bb forums integrated anyway. I did a forum database backup and saved it. I went on to clean my site, all is well. I install nuke, all is well.
I go to the forums section of it, all is well. I press the backup button and select my backup file. backup complete. Your forums board should now be back to the state it was in... Only not. Okay, I thought. This could simply be because it's nuke with bb, and not pure bb.

So I figured I'd just install Phpbb again, and use a phpbb to nuke script instead, just using the new ones to recover my backup with. I continue on to create the database at DirectAdmin and once that is done, I go on installing the forums.

Everything looks fine, so I log in and recover my original theme, and .... poof. For some reason, the theme works fine, but I'm also logged out. I try logging back in, but it doesn't work. I think that perhaps I did a database upgrade, in which case my username would be different, but no. I look at the userlist, but the forums are locked (I remember locking them before taking them down anyways) and down on the active members list, there is only one user registered. The new one. I try logging in, doesn't work. I receive a new password. Doesn't work.

Figured screw it, reinstalled database and forums. all is well until first login. just doesn't work. at all. I've tried everything I can think of, but nothing works.

I've done the whole process like 20 times now, just hoping it might work this next time, but no.

So, soes anyone know what's wrong? how to fix it? anything? It's seriously driving me mental soon.
Can you Post or PM me the site please , might just be something simple.
Yeah if you post a link we will all be able to view the error and solve this quicker.
oh right, why on earth didn't I think of that?
Insanitation forums

As of now, All you'll get is a forum with one user. There's no way to log in, but you can always try making users...
ncwdavid wrote:
Yeah if you post a link we will all be able to view the error and solve this quicker.

no mysql error
PhpBB is a pretty easy board to install too


one way is to start fresh again. Reinstall it. but let someone else do it because you might be messing something up (configuration part of it)
Yeah, I just deleted it. I figured the forums in nuke will do(since they are BB forums) and I manually backed up the most important info. Wasn't that much, thankfully Smile
Laughing I don't have permission to access your server 403/404 error..
Where is it, 404 here, check the link
did you copy over your index. php from your old forums?
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