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Light painting

Them are all so great, well done.
it is really so light Idea ...

nice collection
After first looks at all those works I haven't seen something special and interesting, but in the other hand i you'll ask me to make the same thing I'm sure I'll fail.
Paradox Wink
Many thanks for the time... I do this because a good shot requires the combination of skill (familiarity with different light sources and the little particulars of one's camera) and luck. My camera folder has over 12,000 shots in it but I only really like 100-200 of them, because luck is rare...

Anyway, more:
Wow, very nicely done. Keep up the good work. The blue one directly shown in your latest post looks a tad strange, and is confusing.
Well done! You did a good job with those exposures. Some of them look really weird, which is a good thing Wink
Some of them are interesting, some weird and some really good. ( Just dont ask me to specify which are which ) but nevertheless, great job.
It looks cool and good, nice effects. I can't make them.
Thanks for the feedback! The blue one is a band of neon blue that runs around a restaraunt, if I remember correctly. Here's some more:
The long exposures are cool to watch Smile
Olympia has a carnival every year right next to our terrible, algae-filled artificial lake. It's called Lakefair. I went!

And here are some old ones I never posted:

(Traffic - Moon - Light filtering through leaves at night)

I'd really like to get more shots of people's faces, but you pretty much have to set up the light to get them to come out well (lots of blurring, with high levels of contrast is what I'm going for). It works best to shine a medium-bright colored light directly in their face in a dark room, with a slate black, non-reflective background behind them. Unfortunately, people hate it when you do that, and they also hate it when you wave a camera around in their face. Alas!
Wow these are nice photos.

The people ones where there are 2 or 3 faces is nice looking.

The Lake Fair pictures are nice also with the spinning light.

The green water or whatever that one is is nice also.

I like them all. Very Happy Good Job
Here are a couple shots of the moon:

A good bright moon is really one of the best subjects for this sort of thing. But I still want human subjects! Alas!
These are the best couple face shots I've gotten in a long time. Both are my friend Stachia:

In my opinion, the second, third, and fourth carnival pictures are among the best photographs you've posted. They contain recognizable objects with the perfect degree of abstraction to make them really captivating. You did a great job with those, especially the second one.

I can't say I'm too keen on the pictures containing people, but I can assure you that's just a matter of taste. I'd much rather look at one of your pictures and not be quite sure what it is rather than seeing one and being able to say, "Oh, that's someone's face." But again, that's my personal preference; it's nothing against you.

Keep taking pictures though. Although I haven't commented until now, I've really been enjoying these. It's definitely an interesting art.
i love time exposure photography, mostly due to a hobby of mine that lends itself super well to exactly that. looking at these photos (some of which are rather intriguing, i find the portraits strangely interesting, definitely a different take) i'm curious of you know about it. do you spin poi? you'd enjoy the photos, at least - fire poi make the most excellent pictures.
ThornsofSorrow: Thanks! I think our personal preferences are diametrically opposed, as I'm definitely more into photos that jar recognition. Then again, I do love a good old fashioned camera spin...

dangerdog: I don't spin poi, but I did get a couple shots of some fire spinners at Arts Walk in April:

I'll take a shot of pretty much any subject I can get, but I do try to find subjects that are less extensively photographed. I think the three most common subjects for long exposures (judging from what shows up on, anyway) are probably traffic, carnivals, and fire poi. Which is, of course, because they work real well and it's easy to get a good result. That's why I find the portraits very rewarding. The shot usually has to be set up, and you'll typically have to take 20 or 30 shots to get a good result.
eggg wrote:
ThornsofSorrow: Thanks! I think our personal preferences are diametrically opposed, as I'm definitely more into photos that jar recognition. Then again, I do love a good old fashioned camera spin...

It certainly seems that way! Don't get me wrong though; I can appreciate a photo of something recognizable, including all of your people shots. I can imagine that it's difficult getting just the right amount of blur/distortion and actually getting it to look good, so I applaud you for being successful in that.
These are really interesting works...

And really good!

I like it. Some of them can be scary, but most of them are really good,
good work!

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