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odd that nobody posted this

i find it odd that nobody posted this...but my hobby is..well...web design...i figured its a hobbie o course but nobody really posted it here because theres other forum topics just for i thought might as how many others take this as their actual hobby
It's my hobby as well.. One thing I hate is the pressure to get done in a time frame and that's why I work best on my own time. I multi task way too much.
yes, i like to design the web too, it's fun
Yes odd indeed – there’s an idiom to describe such discrepancy I’m sure; the gist of which now elude my thoughts. But it is a hobby indeed, and dare I mention, quite a kewel one at that.
I like web design too!

But I have to honestly say that its fast technological changes can really be annoying. XD

Just when you are about to learn a new feature, another one sprouts in its place!
For sure, just when you think you know a bit about it all these new things are developed and you must start again. Learning forever and never know it all. Oh well, keeps it interesting I guess.
Motoracer380 wrote:
i find it odd that nobody posted this...

I'm too lazy to do a search to prove it, but I do think it has been posted before...
I am new to web page/site design (3 months) and even though I am just getting into it, I am addicted.

It is so much fun to do. Working with all the different parts and then seeing the end results, is well, it's quite satisfying.

My first page was a homepage using a wsiwyg editor, and my 22nd was written in code. I was surprisingly happy with both, but I was instantly addicted to writing in code. (It makes me feel like I'm writing in a secret language that everyone in the world has a de-coder ring

I can't wait to have one of my friends check out one of my pages and go "No way, you can teach an old dog new tricks! Great job!"

have a great day ~ n_p
my hobby is web design as well, but the only thing is that nowadays i dont have time for hobbies Sad too much coursework
The reason why this is mostly posted other places but here is because alot of people has this as their work, so it's not so much only their hobby. I have this as a hobby, an I love it. I would not want to have this as my work, why? because I don't feel like designing all time, sometimes I would rather write, or play something, or draw, or not even do anything. And I don't think I would be happy with doing something that other asks me, and then I have to do it the way they want. Really the same as my current work, but I love what I'm doing now, so it's still different. The main different thing is that I have to use my creativety with designing, and I can never be sure where it is.
Hmm. I guess you could call web design a hobby for me as well. The last time I actually made a web site was around 1998, and style sheets had not yet been even close to fully implemented in any of the major web browsers, so I had to learn how to make HTML jump through hoops to make things look the way I wanted.

Now that style sheets work (mostly) I'm learning DHTML so I can make CSS jump through hoops!

I like learning new things, it keeps my mind flexible, and that's important when you're on your way to becoming ancient Laughing
yes i suppose it is a hobby i also enjoy web designing
i guess most of ppl in this forum are having such a hobby! that is the reaso, why practically all of us came here...

as for me - yes, it's a wonderfull hobby... i like making my freinds shocked when knowing, i've made this or that job... Wink
i heart web is so much fun and there is always so much to do with it...currently working on a few friends sites to keep them up to date and having fun with that right now. Since they are all getting married and want to have all the RSVP, pictures, stories online... gee, is that the new thing to it seems like everyone wants to do this nowadays! oh well allows me to have fun and continue working on web pages.
While I enjoy doing web sites, I like showing others how to do this more. It's fun to show other people how to make their own web page.
I also enjoy web design (and can assume that the vast majority of frihosters do as well!) and I've been dinking around with it for years. I have to admit, though, that I'm better with designing layouts rather then updating my personal site on a whole...something I hope to eventually outgrow, because I'd love to maintain my own personal site, as it's something I've never been able to do. /grin
yup--web design is fun...i find interesting website, and tried to build it from scratch
I have enjoyed web design for a long time, usually hand coding my pages using a basic HTML editor. I have used a "template" but almost always have gone back to coding the page myself.

It might not look as "professional" but what I see when I complete the project is 100% ME!!! I can take pride in what I have accomplished.

Hmmm... never thought of it that way but yeah I guess that web-design is a hobby for me. I love doing it and I too do it all by hand I hate using templates I always end up changing them so much the template isn't there any more Laughing I've been trying to teach myself more and more of the CSS and Java so that I have more variety on my pages instead of just the basic HTML. My son-in-law is also trying to get me to learn about Flash but I don't know about all that even though it is pretty cool and all.
I am on vacation this week and bored to tears (going no where) so I decided to spend a few $$$ and start a new website.

I have Namo Web Editor 2006 and "cheated" this time. I got the first page off to a good start the last 2 days. Even though I am reasonably satisfied with the results, it just isn't the same as when I write raw code HTML. I guess I feel like I have cheated!! Laughing

I love web design as well! Very Happy Nothing else to do? Sit down, and just start building a website from scratch! Smile

I love it, definitely keeps me from getting bored since there's always more to learn, and plenty of things I can improve upon.
web design is a good hobbies, keep it up
Web design is a good hobby, keeps you thinkin'. I've been into it for about a year now...
i love doing the graphics... i hate doing the actual coding......... i lose track of time when im doing graphics.. its one of my passions.
Web design causes me headaches. =P But I really love web designing, especially since I hooked up on CSS after mastering HTML. And even in HTML I am still learning bits of new things. Perhaps after CSS it would be time for Java or PHP. ( I'm going to learn Java in school soon )

Web design is my passion and my hobby, time pass really fast while I'm at it. Also I design my own graphics for my website, which is another of my passion. I just love designing, it keeps me thinking, and perhaps it makes life alot more colourful than it would be without design.
That is a bit strange, I do web design as a hobbie too Very Happy

I got hooked on it after I mastered basic and moderate HTML design and decided to go for CSS (which is awsome) anyway I am currently learning javascript and some php.
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