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How about some feedback on site.

Its not 100% complete but I'd say at least 60%

Tell me what you think (how it flows) navagation content everything. My customer base or target demo. is small business in the Omaha Metro area with under 10 employee's and no internet presence. That is what i have based my pricing off in case you wonder why im alot lower than most design firms.

Now before you get to down on my I am still learning the GraphiXx part but I've made some pretty cool logo's customers that I will have up soon but again Im still learning that portion. was using photoshop 7.0 and now flash/freehand/fireworks for media. and dreamweaver or cold fusion for editor.

Well i look forward to your feed back.. ohh yea ..

thank you guys for accepting my request for hosting. as of this point right now you blow my last three hosts out the water.. GREAT job to all staff.. I really appreiate it.
Cool Dancing
I guess my first question would be, why are you using frames? Your top frame that you use for the web page takes up too much space, but I'd avoid using frames all together. Search engines don't like them either.

Doesn't look good on 800x600.

The backgrounds don't blend in.

The site doesn't have much of a professional look at all.

Well, keep on trying...
thank you I was kinda wondering about the frames. I can get past the bots to make em like frames but I was kinda thinkin that on lower res. browsers it might look jacked but I dont have anyway to test that other than to post it and let people go look. I have about 6 different designs I'm playin with at the moment. before I go live with the site
take a look tell me what you think
Your color scheme is too flat. Not enough contrast between the background colors and text. The menu and heading fonts are not clear enough. Not easily readable at all. The intro is the same. Try a more easily readable font and a different color scheme.
using .css for your site would be good, the font looks pretty plain. Maybe with the css file get the links in bold and hover so they stand out more
thank you. I will make some changes then would love more feed back
It really lacks the professionalism you'd expect from a business website. Maybe lose the Bravenet tools, the clock and counter that don't really fit and get a better colour scheme.
man, your site is really strugling to be the worst Very Happy

make something good Razz and use css, good and readable fonts, and fine looking colors.

you need much work to do !
With out being to critical practice and learn the strength of css.
You will achive much better results.
Have you done much work with css?
mike4652 wrote:

Have you done much work with css?

all the webs i had created uses css style file. It is much easier to edit the web and also more powerfull.
I know how to use css very well I was tryin to make something a little different than the other 900 million websites out there but obousiusly I failed.

guess I'll scratch it and go back to the drawing board. I just got tired of the same old look you get at everyones sites. I call it for lack of a better word the PHP-outbreak.

Most of my clients have commented on the site in positive ways. But I always like to listen to the advice of my peers.

Let you know when I got a new design up and ready for display.

ohh and btw if I have to read one more time about using css I fear I may just go mad
that's a very nice site=)
dont use any background images,only pattern if you like.It is very hard to read the text and is very distracting fomr my poor eyes.
and the link syle isnt good as well.It looks like a big mess.It is hard ot make something new,you still have a long way ahead.
lmao.. damn ur poor eyes.. hahaha j/k I made a few changes changed up the text and link colors. I guess if all else fails i can create a custom css but I just hate doing it. as it is I spend entirly to much time at my comp as it is.

well lemme know what ya'll think of the changes I made.

and trust me I do aprieate <--spelled wrong I know-- all the feed back.

Only way to learn is trial and error.
it might be better if you just use one of the CMS out there like Mambo to design your page...looks nicer that way...
I have tons of CMS programs i can use but I am trying to learn code to the best I can. PHP HTML java XML everything.. but I am all self taught. lots of reading and trial and error.

Like I siad before my real background is in IT U just lvoe design. something about letting your creative side run with something.
I guess I am doing something right. I just got brought on with Lansoft as a PHP programer for $35/hour wohooooooooo things are looking up Dancing
sorry im just so exited.. I think it is even for the D.O.D (Depart. of defence) ... really i'm not like bragin or nothin im just freakin exited.
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