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translation for languages

A good translator is
If you're from sweden you'll get a very good dictionary for many languages that is very accurate if you just type "lexikon" in Google and pick the first hit.
Blaster wrote:
A good translator is

At least if you are brazilian, is a good way to have fun, the trasnlation sometimes get so ridiculous that you don't believe in what you are reading Laughing .

A good dictionary is babylon.
Blaster wrote:
A good translator is

Rolling Eyes

You accidentally put dot . included in link so link leads to 404 page.

This is direct link: Google Translate Wink
German speakers should know "leo":

I cannot live without him any more Smile
Leo knows how to translate from german into
- english
- spanish and
- french
I've used Google translate ( a couple of times, and I still mainly use it since it is more easy for me to remember than any other translator, since it's google lol. However a lot of times I notice with online translators I am never able to receive a good enough translation sometimes, and every once in a while I will get something completely different than what it is supposed to be. And that can be frustrating sometimes for me.
These machine translators can be helpful when searching translations for simple words. For longer sentences they are unfortunately rather clumsy most of the time - especially when translating languages that are structurally far from each other.

My experience is that human beings are still needed to produce proper translations.
See my previous message - let´s make an experiment now to test if what I wrote made sense when translated with this Google Translate.

Here below is the Spanish version by Google Translate:

(Spanish speakers, any comments? At least the simpler sentences look rather okay, no?)

Estos traductores máquina puede ser útil cuando se busca la traducción de palabras sencillas. Para las penas ya que, lamentablemente, son más bien torpe la mayor parte del tiempo - sobre todo cuando la traducción de las lenguas que son estructuralmente mucho unos de otros.

Mi experiencia es que los seres humanos son todavía necesarios para producir la traducción correcta.

And here is the same translated into French:

Ces traducteurs machine peut être utile lorsque vous recherchez des traductions pour des mots simples. Pour des peines plus longues, ils sont malheureusement assez maladroit plupart du temps - en particulier lorsque la traduction de langues qui sont structurellement éloignées les unes des autres.

Mon expérience est que les êtres humains sont encore nécessaires pour produire une bonne traduction.

I was expecting a lot worse results in fact, I have to admit. I am amazed, machines are soon really taking over.. Shocked

The nicest feature of this Google Translate is that anyone can suggest improvements, so it keeps developing all the time.
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