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1220Studios Flash Game Developer

1220Studios - Flash Game Developer

I first started to make this Site a graphics community but realising that it would be impossible to make something like that a success I came up with the idea of a Game Developing Site using xna and c# to make simple games. but again I stopped finding it difficult to make decent original games. That when I went out and bought Flash 8 pro did a few tutorials and and learnt action script.

I plan to recruit people with experience making flash games but not too serious..

although there isn't any games yet i'm waiting to get a few members and share ideas to make a few gd games..

please join and feel free to give feedback or point out mistakes..

- Forums
- Games
- Blog

*recruiting Flash Game developers*

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
site looks goood... but....

I think you are putting the cart before the horse. You need to assemble a team before you can have a team web site to show off your work.

Statements like recruiting mods and admins kinda scare me. Afraid to do the work yourself... but would turn it over to just anyone...?

<strong>Start small. </strong>! drop the forums, and consider if you have enough time to keep the blog updates often enought (every other day at least) to keep it worthwhile.
I'm not afraid to do the work myself its just with the shared ideas and the teamwork we could create a better game, faster thats not just some random rubbish but addictive and fun to play there are a lot of flash games out there and I think this is the way to deliver unique games.. if it was just me the games would not only ordinary there would be inconsistant and people would get bored playing the same game, also I wouldn't recruit just anyone, they would have to prove their skills and its more team than individual work its more team projects. A member could put across his idea request help and people to do certain parts of the game eg sound graphics. Myself i'm pretty good at the graphics element but have never created a sound in my life I expect I could try download some freeware and make some sounds but It would be much, much better if You could ask someone with experience and professional programs to help. I plan to set up a teamspeak voice server so everyone could communicate better. But yeah Your right about some of the forums I might drop some pointless ones. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Grr no one else has relplied... don't forget to join if your interested

Mad Very Happy Very Happy
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