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Reporting System

I just launched the reporting system. This will provide an official way for members to report unwanted/insulting stuff on Frihost, will make our moderation job much easier and let us catch spam faster. You are free to report anything you don't like, unless you start reporting things for fun and abuse this system.

There are 3 different report sorts available.

  1. Post: The most common report is about a post. To report a post, you need to click on the "Report" link above a post (next to the quote button).
  2. Topic: To report a topic, you need to scroll down and to the left there is a "Report this topic" link.
  3. User: If a spammer or troll is getting on your nerves, you can also report that user. The link is beneath the avatar/user information, also on the viewtopic page.

For each report, you need to provide a description of the problem and optionally select a few types that apply to your report. It is always possible that no types apply.

We will try to handle reports as fast as possible. However, we won't be giving any feedback to the people who reported the problem, because this would be taking way too much time and we do not always want to state the reason why we did something. This of course doesn't mean that we don't appreciate reports - any help is useful.
I added an Avatar and Signature type, when you report a user. For some reason I forgot to add those earlier.

Please note that the report system is also supposed to be used for things not mentioned in the types, like profile fields (like having an adult/racist/insulting location) or completely different things.

A big thanks for the user who are already reporting posts and users. It has already been a big help.

And for the people who think that reporting your own posts without any reason or even providing a description, is funny, remember that the people who handle your reports (it is the staff) are the people who decide who gets banned.
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