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criminals profiting from crime

There are a number of ways criminals can profit from their crime one such way is publishing books about their own crimes

Currently, there is no effective mechanism through which criminals’ profits from publications about their crimes can be seized. That is largely because writing about a crime is not unlawful conduct and so any profit resulting from publication is not unlawfully obtained. In principle, the government believes it is unacceptable for criminals to profit in this way. But whether and how they can be prevented from exploiting their crimes for commercial gain raises some extraordinarily difficult issues, in terms of both defining the problem and framing any new legislation in a way that will tackle it effectively.

I'm doing a school debating thing and the topic is that criminals should not profit from their crime. We are the affirmative team and what i have posted above is one of our biggest problems. I have posted this because i thought it would be a good discussion topic and i want to know if any of you have any ideas or comments about this?

the main 2 cases in point are Chopper Read, real name Mark Brandon Read an Australian criminal and author of crime novels, selling in excess of 500,000 copies.

and Schapelle Leigh Corby an Australian drug smuggler publishing the book my story

so does anyone have any ideas or comments they would like to discuss about this?
Well, let me ask this,,, I was watching a tv program yesterday,,, they were showing how scam artists do scams on travelers in florida or wherever... they were actually picked up by an undercover police officer,,, until they explained they were doing a tv show,,, even still, I had so many ideas on how to do this, and that,, all be cause they were just trying to warn the travelers on what to watch out for,,, and hardly no one always watches these things,,, and if they do,, spend a lil time in jail, no big deal,, and back on the streets to try a new scam...
So,,, how many kids are going to look at this tv show, and think,,, what if i tried this,,,, maybe I can make a few bucks... not many look at the consequences.....
Zug Zug
Hmmmm my mother was actually telling me about these type of things. Kind of how people who have babies a wee bit too early/drug abusers/others sell their stories to channels like Lifetime-"television for women". So because they messed up they get to make money off of it. (And before you get me wrong I had a baby when I was 17, so I'm not discriminating). I don't really like it how people do that. But I digress. I think it should be illegal since they are admitting that they did the crime/knows what was going on whent he crime was committed. So I don't think it's right. Have a wonderful evening!!
The thing is, if they are able to write a book, what difference does it make if they profit? At least they are putting thier time to good use, ecspecially if they are behind bars at the time... means they are not as good as criminals as they thought they were.

Anyway, if we say criminals can not write books about thier lives, then neither should politicians.

But the biggest problem here,is if the general community had no intrest in what these people wrote about, then they wouldn't make money off thier books... plain and simple.

As long as thier is demand for the item, reguardless of how it is obtained, there will still be people making a profit.
David Courtney ftw

mr london gangster, did the crim thing, paid his time in jail

wrote a book about his like of crime, and now has a film on thoe go

thats how to profit
I think as long as the person has been punished from their crime there is no reason they can't write a book about it. Yea it may be morally wrong, but hey what does our country care about morals anymore. LOL.
There are many states that have laws in place that disallow convicted criminals from making any type of income of thier crimes.

I, personally believe that should be a a universal law. Anyone, legally convicted for any crime should be able to profit in fashion from thier"misdeeds".

No book deals, no movie rights, no paid interviews, no profit what-so-ever.
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