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Security Code Graphic

ok, i have a phpnuke up (7.7 patched 3.1), and i set it to graphics check to 3 on the config file (which is security code only for registering users).. however, its not showing Sad... ive looked around googling for a fix.. but everyone else seems to have various different security code problems..

to be specific, my security code box displays the text "Security Code" .. its not just a red x like many other users have... also if you right click on the thing, and choose properties.. it will show you the security code you need (just look at the url of what the image is at, at the very end it has a thing like "securitycode=(numbers)" ) so its there... but doesnt display in the box...

so i have this currently disabled so people can still register, but i would like to get the security graphics check back up... and i checked my config file for extra spaces at beginig/end...which seemed to cause many users their problems... also i havnt done anything to the language files..and i know the graphics check was working earlier, so you have the GD installed or whatever...

anyone got an idea?
Use ravens site login/info block here, it works along with patched:

It fixes most blocks with that problem, give it a try this bock needs no tables just upload it, it's an enchanced one over the og, and has much more.
uh.. i read the details of what it does... looks spiffy.. but how will that help my graphics code check when users are registering? that seems to just be a block that has info about what the users are up to...
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