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Free PHP/MySQL login script

Yep, that's right. A free PHP/MySQL Login Script that holds sessions so your visitors have to login to access certain pages.

So, like I said it will cost..Absolutely nothing...just as long as you don't:
1. Use for Business Websites
2. Don't completely screw with the script to make it work your way, it was intended to work one way, and no other.

Oh, and I need to have your Instant Message screen name so I can send you the scripts and let you know where to go from there if you need. If you don't need anything then I'll just let you carry on.

You must know HTML/CSS/etc...
You must know a little PHP/MySQL
You must be able to make your own forum because I don't know exactly what you want on your registration.

That's about it. If you are interested, post here or send me a personal message. I need your email at the least if you can modify the script yourself and I need your Instant Message if you need to go over it.

This is the script at it's simplest form, so just create a quick account and see if you like it. If so, then ask me if you would like the script.

can u zip it and put it somewhere so i can download?
Well, if you read the requirements I really would like to talk with you about it all before I get to send it to you. I already have a page with the .zip file archive, but the pages all have CSS in them to make the forums look that way. SO, you'll have to talk with me personally to do so.
ahh.. seem like there is a catch. if you want to give it away, just give it away. if u need someone e-mail, just ask for it. if u need a friend to talk to, just say so.

nevermind, i just stick to danielxp's script then. thanks anyway.

those who interested can get the link here
Well maybe I am just a lonely person. >.> <.< Smile

Okay, it's no problem really. It was intended for really big newbies on PHP/MySQL who wanted to go over the script with me for a little while. I still need more exposure to teaching as I am just a newbie in PHP\MySQL myself (This login script is my first project so far).

But, by all means, keep with other peoples. ^_^ It's no problem really.

Oh, and of course there is a catch. It's not like, "Hey There! Want a free php/mysql script...I don't even know your name"...I would at least like to know what you are working with for a website just so I can keep track on who or what my script helped.

So, have fun. ^_^ Thanks for being interested.
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