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Whats the point of MMORPGs these days?

The thing I see about the so called massivly online multiplayer games, they are nothing but a bunch of point and click controls, a dice rolling combat system, with just simply different fantasy like artwork on top of it.

This is the reason why I stopped playing the majority of these MMOs for now.

I would perfer to use real player skills as in twitched based instead of putting in a lot of time to gain so called "skill points" to own everyone.

Have you played any MMOs that does that?
(Of course I know theres planetside but thats not an open ended FPS RPG)
these are the ruling now a days.......

forget the past old days where you will be playing with the computer or share your keyboard with a friend.....

now you can share your skills, IQ, sharpness, swiftness and other things with manY "LIKE YOUs" around the world !

there is a lot to explore still in these games..........

lets wait. Razz
I played MMORPG's like Runescape, but they got extreamly boring quick. There was an awsome one out there, but my computer crashed, and I can't remember the name... I prefer games like LotR: Battle for Middle-Earth.
Runescape should hardley be considerede an MMORPG because it is so aweful, just get out the cash and try RYL or WoW. Those are my two favorite MMORPG's besides my own. . . .
i think it's pretty fun if you have your friends and be able to meet people from other places. when you say 'twitched based', i'm assuming you're saying games like FPS, well it depends, so different individual has different wants.
Yeah, it's fun cuz it's like a second world (or 19546th cuz there are kinda many mmorpgs out there), you speak with people, create things, train your skills so you'll rule everyone else. The Only Down with MMORPG's nowadays is that they take so darn much time, like you have to spend like 10'000 hours to get to lvl 60 on WoW for example, you have to be geekish to play these games nowadays.
Gozzgull wrote:
Runescape should hardley be considerede an MMORPG because it is so aweful, just get out the cash and try RYL or WoW. Those are my two favorite MMORPG's besides my own. . . .

Yeah, I hate Runescape. I don't really like MMORPG's at all. I'll stick with XBL.
i disagree rpgs are pimp dude i love them althou yes runescape sucks Butt lol
I don't really like where MMORPGs are going either, they are boring and repetitive. I disagree that fast-reflexes need to be incorporated into these games more. There are enough fast twitch games around already, I enjoy RPGs that have a fair bit of strategy.

Imperian is an amazing in-depth free MMORPG/MUD. It's completely text based which most people don't like, but I have never played a more detailed game.
To be rich and high level. Many people play to get money to showoff and compete with there freinds. Like me and my freinds compete on runescape for better accounts and money.
i play Guild Warz = MMORPG and Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines = RPG and FPS
Yeah, Guild Wars is one game where skill is a bit more important than in other MMORPGS, where all that matters is the character level. There is also hardly any leveling involved, the level cap is at 20, and you can reach that in less than a week without playing very much. To enjoy the game over a long period of time, you should be into PvP, though.
There are also many differences to classical MMORPGs (all areas outside of towns/outposts instanced etc), so it can hardly be called a MMORPG at all.
I wish I can play that game.. I've been wanting to play, my comp is just too crappy for it. Even in the lowest options.
@MistaKiula: If you are talking about Guild Wars, then it has really low minimum specs, much lower than say WoW if I remember correctly.

Guild Wars was really fun at first. I enjoyed the RPG aspect of the game, it reflects the Diablo series. I also tried my hand in PvP and the strategies people devise there are all extremely interesting. However, Guild Wars isn't really a MMORPG, if you are looking for one and you try GW, you would get bored fast because there isn't much point in grinding and farming for gold. The weapons are mostly the same and so is the armour.
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