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The Matrix Trilogy

Right, I thought I better write a topic on this Laughing :
Matrix 1:
The one is born. I thought this one was the best, even though it did seem a bit kidish, it still was better than the other 2. I guess the brothers who directed the film were gone crazy by the time they made the second Laughing . I liked this one because it seemed real but kidish, if you know what i mean, they really added the affect that what neo was wasn't real, and they left it at a climax when he *thought* he had killed agent smith, but he didnt, he was compelled to stay, compelled to disobey.

Matrix 2:
All ****** CGI, although better than 3rd one and more funny, it seemed that half the film was CGI lol, in this one, trinity and Neo had really got close...if you know what I mean Wink I thought this wasn't continued fromthe first, because in the first, they had said that you had to have a certain code to get into Zion, but the operator gotthrough without any code, and why da hell didn't they know about back doors, and why aren't they used in the 3rd one?This one doesn't answer half the questions they left with the first one, but I gotta admit, it has some good fighting moves which are all CGI

Matrix 3:
Complete waste of time, they should've given up on the 2nd if it was gonna be so rubish, this is selling at 6 in HMV while matrix 2 is selling for 10, hmm what a coincedence? I think not, every1 thought this one was crap, first of all, Neo shouldn't have gone blind, second of all, trinity shouldn't have died, and third of all, Neo should've been JUST living, and resting in peace, then they should've made a next one, where every1 fought, and it ended up good, the matrix lived but only the programs that weren't real were in there.....this was the worst one, and I think even i could've done a better job at it.

So what do you think guys, could it be good enough to be real? Or is it a fake lousy film....
the Animatrix was the best thing "Matrix" IMO...
but 2 and 3 sucked badly...
maybe they aren't good as 1, but they are still watchable.

for these rumors some people don't even watch 2&3.

i have some friends which say 'i watched 1, and i heard 2&3 are crappy so i won't watch them.'

whateva But i think still the first part really rockz
THe problem with matrix is that it is a symbolic movie. People dont get that. There is so much hidden meaning in the film. It's has really cool effects too.

I mean how many times have people copied the kicing move from the matrix? The matrix started that style. Or was it another film? The karate Kid?

think ahout it.
I agree with you. hh.
yes, sure. Matrix is a symbolic movie and people don't get it, but the third was just a waste of time, they forget about all of the philosophy of the first one. Oh and that moves we see them all the time in asian action movies way before Matrix.
Hey, look what I found:

An older thread on The Matrix

"nuff said. Topic closed.
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