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Riding a 40 year old shopping bike at 65mph....

wellerchap my hobby !
Well, to be precise I like to ride my Lambretta scooter, but it was designed decades ago to propel the people of Italy around through the reconstruzione period after the war.
99% of people I know can't understand why I do it, maybe that's why I do !
Let's see some pics.
wow thats awesome
here's a photo of my Lambretta by the "Angel Of The North" near Newcastle in northern England. This structure was built by an award winning designer to give the people of the area a landmark to be proud of....I like the thing, but a lot of people up there are embarrassed by it !

let see
Cool scooter dude, but that sculpture its standing next to is really cool. It’s a pity the locals don’t like it (there’s must be something in the water that impairs their judgement no?)
it's an iron structure, designed to rust (and it has!) to indicate the industrial decline in the area, there's a great website showing it being brought into place by enormous "Angel Of The North" on google if you're interested.
I don't see you riding/flying it. I see a statue and I see a bike. Cool geesh at least have a picture of you on the scooter/cart/bike. Something. Everyone is talking about about a website and I don't even see that. So I can't tell you.

40 year old shopping bike at 65mph....Where?

I don't ride bikes -even thou I owned one-But I still model on them.
ide love to ride that
Captain Fertile
I live quite near the Angel of the North, I pass it very frequently and I am proud of it - wasn't when it first arrived but it has grown on me.

When it first arrived it looked like a plane had hit the hillside nose-first.

Also some people argue whether the angel is male or female - I would have to say male myself.

One amazing thing about the statue is how the very thin ankles can support the huge 'wingspan''.

Great piece.
If I'd every buy a scooter, I'd be one like that! I think they are awsome machines and you get somewhere really fast!
Do you have some other bikes to or do you just like to cruise around.. Cool ?
Captain Fertile wrote:

Also some people argue whether the angel is male or female - I would have to say male myself.

Has there ever been any reference to a female angel anywhere? I don’t think they exist. Why would they? The only angels (Nephilim) who had children got into serious trouble for it, and it was because they had them with human females (Genesis 6:4). Now if they had to date earth chicks (at the cost of being kicked out of Elohim’s kingdom) it must have been because celestial chicks were in short supply. *hmmm

*I bet the feminists are not going to like this.

Sorry ladies, I had nothing to do with it. Very Happy
that scooter is so cool .. its exactly like my uncle's scooter Very Happy... he said he will give it to me when ill be 18 ... anyway that big angel statue is cool too Very Happy
dude, thats a cool scooter. Classy and unique. Btw hows the maintenance and stuff if it broke down ?? Any1 still selling the spare parts ?
thats great, i am appreciating your work to maintain the bike.I would have liked to ride it.Take care of it.
That would be totally... awesome... Cool Hats off to you mate.
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