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Anime Theme Song

Is there an Anime theme song playing in your mind all the time everyday? Why is it playing in your mind all the time every day? Is there any more information you can provide about that song, emotions it creates, feelings, why you like the song? Rolling Eyes

All you need to do is to tell us what is the anime theme song that's playing on your mind. Title of the song is optional.

Here's a sample:

Anime Theme Song Playing On My Mind: Gundam Seed Destiny 2nd Theme

Reminder: Dont forget to put "Anime Theme Song Playing On My Mind:" Before you type the Anime theme that plays in your mind.

Time to play that song! Very Happy
Hunter X Hunter 1st Ending Theme. I like it very much Laughing
Currently, its the opening song of Saiunkoku Monogatari running through my head. Title of the song is 'Hajimari no Kaze yo"
it's the ending song of DearS called Happy Cosmos from PoppinS Shocked

well, actually it was, since that's the first song that haunted me so long Shocked

you can actually call it a horror song, it's just so damn energetic and actually had me playing that song over and over for more then a 1000 times Shocked and poor classmates of mine, since I had a mp3 player Twisted Evil

well, actually other people liked the song aswell, while they didn't even know what anime was XD
The one i keep on my mind is the one for the Hades Saga, i dont remember the name right now, because i use to hear it in the anime stores, when i was looking for others things

The funny thing is that i keep it in my mind before i really have seen any chapter at all. Very Happy
Oooh I have another reason why I love anime:

I loooved the Sousei no Aquarion 1st OP and ED. I also liked the Speed Grapher ED as well as The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi ED. =D
I loooved the Sousei no Aquarion 1st OP and ED. I also liked the Speed Grapher ED as well as The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi ED. =D
Rinbu Revolution from Shoujo Kakumei Utena. It's still one of my absolute favorite songs, even though I last watched Utena over a year ago.
Hi there,

I can't say that i love all the anime ost but i have some of my own which i think are awesome ost:

- BECK OST - The anime itself is about a rock band so....guess what...the OST is in its majority their songs (and some more from other band also staring in the anime).

-Balck Lagoon OST - Nice guitar here. Really like it.

- Hack - I think all hacks have nice OST. although I still wasn't able to listen to the last one.

- Initial D - Love the eurobeat sound of all the seasons

- Mushishi - More traditionally sounds (from Japan) from an also great anime !!

Stay COol!
Oh god... I've had (alternating) the first opening for G Gundam ("Flying in the Sky") and the ending for Code Geass ("Yuukyou Seishunka" by Ali Project) for the last week or so. The one that's most commonly stuck in my head is "Rinbu Revolution" by Masami Okui, the theme from Revolutionary Girl: Utena.

Anime theme songs are so catchy!
Currently its the first ending song of Kyou Kara Maoh that is running through my head. XD
The naruto songs are adddictive.
Bancan wrote:
The naruto songs are adddictive.

I like naruto songs too, but not all of them. Some of them are quite boring.
The one i'm listening to recently now is the first and second opening song from Yakitate!! Japan.
I would have to say the ending theme song to Witch Hunter Robin, Half-Pain by Bana.

It has alot of emotion to it and I often find myself thinking or humming it while doing chores or jobs at work.
I listen to "The Real Folk Blues" everyday. It was the ending theme for Cowboy Bebop. I also have a couple Bleach opening songs.
Pokemon theme song for the win!!!
anyone know the anime "Suzumiya Haruhi", the music series are really good to win~
I really love the opening theme song for Gunslinger Girl, "The Light Before We Land"... it always gets stuck in my head when I watch the series.
Cowboy Bebop Ost ... Five Stars

Evangelion Neon Genesis ... Four Stars

Death Note ... Five Stars

Elfen Lied ... Three Stars

ANd i think i have more... but these are the recomended Very Happy
evangelion the cruel angel n the fly to the blue moon ..
i loving it!! ( sorry McD)
I was quite adicted to the first ending of naruto, "wind" by akeboshi... great lirycs ^^

And very adicted to cowboy bebop... damn that jazz rocks \m/

lately the second opening\ending of death is really cool and has been on my ear frequently... something heavier really suits death note.

As for when I'm coding something... I like to hear final fantasy VIII OST piano collections by nobuo uematsu... don't know why... but it gets my mind away from computer games when I have to work.
I love the 5th opening of Bleach. Rolling Star is a great piece from Japan and can't wait to see what the 6th opening for Bleach is going to be.
Hellsing OST 1 : Ruins
Hellsing OST 2 : song #5
Samurai Champloo : openning by Nujabes
Anime Theme Song Playing On My Mind: Tommy Hebruary6 - Pray (from Gintama) and also Tommy February6 - Loney in Goregous (from Paradise Kiss). I don't know why by her songs are very catchy and they're always stuck in my mind. xD
Half my lifetime I have been humming the theme of Mila Superstar from time to time. And still do so Smile
Anime Theme Song Playing On My Mind: Houki Boshi from Bleach, Ouran High School Host Club's Opening Theme, and the WORLD from Death Note.

Why? Why you ask? In the playlists of my mp3, those songs are the only ones in their slots so when I study, I absentmindedly let them play. Since I'm more concerned about Physics, what happens is that these three songs end up playing OVER and OVER again. It also helps that I love these animes.
I have had the Hikaru no Go 1st Opening theme stuck in my head for weeks now (Get Over by Dream.)
It just has this supreme, jaunty melody, and I love the way that the acoustic guitar makes that wistful few notes in the right speaker during the beginning of the main part, and the bubbly synth in the left and then it alternates (as well as the trance bass synth which carries the melody.) Also there's the girl singing in a higher voice behind the main singer at certain parts. But that's not it! There's that kicky electric guitar that plays during the solo and during the end, as well as the emotional message of the song. You can just tell that they're talking about succeeding and passing others in life. (Or in Go.)
And that's the word.
Anime theme song that is always running on my mind is:True Light from DNAngel
i love the openning of Lain and ost of samurai champloo/cowboy bebop
JC Denton
Elfen Lied's opening is always in my mind somewhere. Why? Well, It's a really good song.

Love Hina's opening theme is there too.
I reckon a lot of anime themes are pretty awesome.. especially the opening and ending theme ^_^... One of my favourites would definitely be chobits and love hina. That's just pure funness and popness ;>!! The ending theme for chobits varies... like during towards the ending of teh chobit series, the song sounds kind of dramatic and emo because all these things are happening to them, like chi is captureed and hideki is like trying to find her.. and it leaves with a cliff hanger and then the ending.. and its like awwww sooo sad :~(
Me, I love Hunter X hunte's ohayu... Very Happy
i serously love the opening of lain "duvet" i gueess buy my favorite is canta perme,on NOIR ost
Arrrgggg!!!! Thanks for bringing back a personal nightmare. I really loath popy dance music (I call it disco lite) but for the longest time I could not get the endinf theme from Ichigo 100% "Ike Ike" out of my head. I thought it was gone finally.

It was only lurking around in the back of my head waiting to haunt me again.
right now, it's

Anime Theme Song Playing On My Mind: Hitomi - Stories (Code Geass)
Hi there,

Lately I have been watching Death Note and I must say that the second opening theme and ending theme are AWESOME !!

They are made by Maximum the Hormone ( i find the name a bit lame but their music is awesome). They have released some cd's already and videoclips. By the way, they are Japanese (Duh! Smile).

Stay COol !
Naruto music is quite amazing... I never get bored from it, since there is a lot. I got all the theme songs of Naruto, including the opening and the ending themes. I'm currently listening to Yura Yura, an opening in the fillers episodes.

Another amazing opening theme is the one for the LAST EXILE anime. Anyone have seen this anime?
Samurai Champloo opening
I guess this one not anime,but i really love this Kingdom Hearts II theme song "Passion" by Utada Hikaru.It's really a great masterpiece,...
But now i kinda like LovCom op and ed song,...Forgot the title,...But i like it,so earcatchy,...
"COLORS", the first opening theme for Code Geass. Also "Virtual Star Embryology" or "Truth" which are both end themes for Revolutionary Girl Utena. I haven't watched any other anime in a long time, which I think explains the lack of anime theme songs stuck in my head lately.
Elfen Lied Opening
Hunter X Hunter: Final Greed Island Opening and Closing
Naruto Ending: No Regret
FLCL (Awesome!)
did anyone forgot about the bleach and rurouni kenshi's soundtrack?

Both are more of the "thrilling" and exciting type which i like.
yep I have to agree the song that most easily gets stuck in my head and Ill end up humming all day is

~Heart of swords from Kenshin

and one of my favorite comedy animes
Azumanga Dioh

Cooking is so fun

sure its a bit annoying but it does have sticking power from its simplicity
One Piece - Believe

Believe in wonderland... wou wou wou....
I like the ending SAYONARA the SAIKANO and all music the INUYASHA
Yeah KIRARA! Inuyasha is great animation!
I like this song in Inuyasha's OP
I played the soundtrack from Tsubasa Reservoir..
especially the instrumental music by kajiura(something like that, i forgot the name), its soothes my ear..
I never get bored when i listen to this soundtrack
Anime Theme Song Playing On My Mind: the opening and ending songs of Magic Knight Rayearth!

It's been forever since I've actually watched it, but I love the songs. I don't always have the songs running through my head, but I use them to get rid of annoying songs when they get stuck. I hate when songs I don't like get stuck in my head so I use songs that I know and like, like the Magic Knight Rayearth songs, to get rid of them so I don't get annoyed at the songs and therefore annoyed at everyone around me. Very Happy
All of the Naruto theme songs, as well as all Death Note Themes OST.

My personal favourites are:
Asian Kung-Fu Generation - After Dark (Bleach OP7 - newest)
Nobodyknows+ - Hero's Come Back!
Antic Cafe - The Hero Without a Name (Darker than Black OP2)
Nujabes - Battlecry
Nujabes - Million Way of Drum
L'arc en Ciel - Driver's High
Porno Graffiti - Hitori no Yoru

and many many others...
I didn't see anyone post the theme song for "Cowboy Beebop". That theme song is sweet. I mean it sounds kinda old school, yet has a new school pop. I love the harmony, and it motivates me like crazy.

We like Naruto "Fighting Dreamers" quite a bit -- the two sons learned it in phonetically spelled Japaneze and like to sing it.

There's also the Naruto videoclip with "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" that runs thru the head.

We'll check out other anime after we catch up with naruto, maybe. No rush.

Having cool opening music (especially opening) helps with the anticipation of the shows.
I love rock!!!

Then I prefer,

"The World" by Nightmare
"Zetsubō Billy" by Maximum the Hormone

both from Death Note...
First anime theme ever stuck in my head was Rolling Star by Yui from bleach my friend gave me ep 114 so i could see what bleach was like. I ended up liking it. But the music from bleach is really bad now.
song that keeps playing on my mind is papermoon, from soul eater xd
..yah.. the song Honey, honey from the anime XXXholic always play in my mind.. this song is so cool.. and also the anime.. you better try that..
Kusari Disgaea ending dled yesterday and 83 listens already.
the opening song of last was such a wierd song that i couldn't stop playing it in my mind d'oh!
Probably the one that is in blood+ series. Season's Call by Hyde and the next OP after Season's Call which is Colors of the heart by UVERworld.
My newest favorite anime song is the ending song of Bakemonogatari which is "Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari" by Supercell.
Anime Theme Song Playing On My Mind: Memories(One Piece 2nd Ending Song)

very weird song arrangement, its like 2 songs being played as one xd, and i like the tune alot
Latest ones I liked are Jitensha by oreskaband (naruto ending) and Venus to Jesus (Arakawa Under the Bridge)
The song in my mind is called the Dango Daikazoku from the closing theme of Clannad. I find the tune of the song very peaceful and full of different emotions. I find it so good that i even learned to play it in the piano during summer! it's the one and only piece i can play in piano. haha Smile
^ Hitode Daikazoku is better XP
OST of Cowboy bebop rocks.
Oh No ! yes, but beautiful thank you with love Very Happy
i like the first intro of fma brotherhood too, the one sung by yui, its got a very upbeat feel to it Very Happy
Inuyasha the Final Act: 2nd Ending Theme ------- Diamond Smile
The song rings me up the great heroine Kagome in the animation Inuyasha.
She's so-called "the third one", but really great. She knew what Inuyasha really needed, solved the problem among the three and saved Kikyo,who loved Inuyasha as well as her, for several times.
She's always encouraging her friends, Kikyo included.
That's what the song means.
most of them from bleach ^^

miwa - change
rolling star
awai tsubasa
and the one that i can't remember it's name in zanpakuto fillers

and few from death note

Maximum The Hormone - What's Up People
the world
zetsubou billy
Anime Theme Songs Playing On My Mind:
Level 5 Judgelight from To aru Kagaku no Railgun
Masterpiece from To aru Majutsu no Index
PSI-Missing from Index
Only My Railgun from Railgun
All the Marukaite Chikyuus from Axis Powers Hetalia
ChocolateEClaire wrote:
Anime Theme Songs Playing On My Mind:
Level 5 Judgelight from To aru Kagaku no Railgun
Masterpiece from To aru Majutsu no Index
PSI-Missing from Index
Only My Railgun from Railgun
All the Marukaite Chikyuus from Axis Powers Hetalia
I know the first four songs too

Apart from those:

- Hoshizora Monogatari (Takahashi Nana, ED of KissxSis OVA)
- Futari no Hanibōi (Taketatsu Ayana + Tatsumi Yuiko, OP of KissxSis OVA)
- NO, Thank You! (Ho-kago Tea Time, latest ED of K-ON!!)
- Kimi to Taiyou ga shin da hi (Kurosaki Maon, first ED of Highschool of the Dead)

Currently playing in my mind: (since I'm playing it right now Laughing )
- Yume iro no koi (ED of Mitsudomoe)
ChocolateEClaire wrote:
Anime Theme Songs Playing On My Mind:
Level 5 Judgelight from To aru Kagaku no Railgun
Masterpiece from To aru Majutsu no Index
PSI-Missing from Index
Only My Railgun from Railgun
All the Marukaite Chikyuus from Axis Powers Hetalia

Translation: I like anything To Aru related...
all Full metal alchemist brotherhood songs are wonderful
while the ending songs of K-on are lovely too
miyustar wrote:
all Full metal alchemist brotherhood songs are wonderful
while the ending songs of K-on are lovely too

I love K-On song songs too.. Very Happy
rayxzero wrote:
miyustar wrote:
all Full metal alchemist brotherhood songs are wonderful
while the ending songs of K-on are lovely too

I love K-On song songs too.. Very Happy
For me: EDs only

Currently playing:
- Sobani-irarerudakede by blue drops, #13 ED of Sora no Otoshimono
- God only knows by ELISA, OP of The World God Only Knows

Other favorites (apart from before)
- future gazer by fripSide, OP of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun OVA
- all EDs in Highschool of the Dead and Toaru Majutsu no Index II by Kurosaki Maon
- Ring My Bell / Pi no Kakuritsu by blue drops, OP of Sora no Otoshimono (Forte)
- No Buts by Kawada Mami, OP of Toaru Majutsu no Index II
- Koi no shirushi by Itō Kanae / Taketatsu Ayana / Yūki Aoi / Touyama Nao / Hanazawa Kana , EDs of The World God Only Knows
hmm currently playing on my playslist is 'Lifes Like a Boat by Rei Fu' bleach ending theme, which is nice Very Happy
I like those songs of SCANDAL (band) and some of them are used in anime OP's and ED's.

~ Shoujo S (Bleach 10th OP)
~ Shunkan Sentimental (Full Metal Alchemist 4th ED)
~ Harukaze (Bleash 15th OP)

CLANNAD theme songs:

~ Toki o Kizamu Uta
~ Torch
~ Mag Mell

La Corda d'Oro:

~ Brand new Breeze


I also love the songs from K-on! Very Happy Especially those sung by Mio~ Smile
All the ending songs in Darker than black are really beautiful. Especially the last song from dusk till dawn.
Anime Theme Song Playing On My Mind: Tsukiakari no michishirube. Opening song from the second season of Darker than black. I find lovely and it is currently my ringtone.

Reminder: Change my ringtone. I love this song, but I've been using it as my ringtone for almost a year. Now I want to use immi's Sign of love. It's the opening song from Sarai-ya Goyou. The anime isn't ZOMG AWESOME, but I loved the opening song. Smile


loremar wrote:
All the ending songs in Darker than black are really beautiful. Especially the last song from dusk till dawn.

Darker tha black for the win! I love the soundtrack from the second season. I got a lot of tracks from there to use in my running playlist. Very Happy
I agree with a lot of the above suggestions, including those from Bleach and woohoo another person who watches La Corda d'Oro! So sad that ended (both the manga and anime).
Currently, I guess you could say that like half the Guilty Crown songs are stuck in my head. Just sorta caught up on all the episodes yesterday...
anime theme songs is incredibly nice and cool, i don't know why and how they compose nice theme songs.. well, one of sad song of anime i know is the ending of knock out (staring ippo makonotchi) i don't understand the japanese lyrics but the music seems sad Razz
if you don't want to commit mistake from your words, don't talk Very Happy
From Lain Ba - Duvet
"Doshinwa ni nare"

can almost sing the entire Neon Genesis opening theme song, watched the series a bunch.

Damn it! It's so beautiful.
I'm watching Jigoku Shoujo(Hell Girl) and I really really love the opening song. Very Happy
For some reason, I want to ******* cry on this song. ***** it! Then I remember I'm a man.
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