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Girls are non humane

I am gonna going to scrub a story out here. Not a story but the truth. The reality. Let us get started with. Once upon a time, there was a blind lady. Um… this is the old way of starting a story but I want something really different and I don’t want to bother myself by deleting what I have written.
A sightless lady was there on some corner of the world. Darkness was synonymous to her. She has a white stick as her company on all the way she has to get through. But she was not alone either coz’ she has got a man; let him be her boyfriend, to stand beside her in every fold of her life to stretch his helping hand time and again. She was really lucky to obtain ever-loving and ever caring guy like him.
The man was in love with the lady. The man though of her as a precious gem and want to marry her. Dudes believe me this guy was seriously in love with the girl even he found her world to be dark.
When this protagonist found sometime alone, he used to request the lady to marry him. This fellow gave her dreams of the bright future. Nevertheless, the lady has never dreamed and learned to do either. Therefore, she refused him saying, “I would marry you if me were not blind. But being a blind person I can’t share darkness with you.” So boring for the boy. I personally share sympathy to the honest mate. He has given up the hope of marrying her.
The world is the substantial collection of surprises. The ray of hope shows up in the darken life of that lady princess. Really, friends, a kind chap was ready to donate a pair of eyes. Luck lady. Now after the operation she was able to sight the wonderful world. She was now able to dream and grab attractive snap of heavenly world. She rejoices all her life.
One day, the loving fiancé visited her and asked her to marry him as she can view the world and has got no need of sharing the darkness. The girl sighted her before she replied him. Surprising, the girl found the man to be blind so she refused her proposal of marrying him. Poor guy. Before leaving he said, “I would care of myself but please do care of my eyes.”
So aren’t the girls rude?
Some girls are like that, not all of them... the ones that are like that will get what's coming to them though.
hmm..i agree..girls are not human... "angel, fairy without wings" suit more than humans:)... and as a fairy without wings can be comprehended as a WITCh girls at times are like those dirty witches!!
All what i want to implicate is... Good and Bad peopel are the girls..n in the biys too... it does not mean that we just generaliseour experiences to the whole category of males or females...
i have known some really great and nice girls in my life and even some guys too..!
Right, just dump everything in the general chat.

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