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frets on fire

This free game for PC is a clone of Guitar Heroes for the Playstation. You know the one where you get a guitar with the game that acts as a controller and you have to hit coloured lights on the controller that represent the notes and chords.

This version uses the keyboard keys to control the notes and the songs vary in difficulty from supaeasy to amazing.

You can set up the keys as you wish. You get a maximum of 5 keys covering the left hand notes.

And you also use one key controlled by your right hand to simulate strumming.

In supaeasy and easy mode you will probably only get to use the first four keys and with medium and maximum you will have to use the 5 keys which is a bit harder.

Also in supaeasy and easy modes you will probably just use single notes. On the other 2 modes you will get a combination of single notes and a combination of notes to make up chords.

There are 3 songs included with the game and these are well done and whet your appetite for other songs.

Other songs can be imported into the game. Even guitar heroes songs so if you have the playstation game you may be able to import your tunes from your cds and you should also be able to play the PC game with the playstation guitar controller.

So how is the game. Blooming addictive to be honest.

The game is also ideal for parties and a group of friends. I think of it like Karaoke but for guitars. It is amazingly easy to pick up and the easy modes gently gear you up for the harder levels which can become insane.

So overall my favourite game at the moment.

Try it out you may become hooked.
On the other hand, if you have a PS2, just buy Guitar Hero. Razz
I played frets on fire once, before I got Guitar Hero and after playing both, GH wins. I'd rather spend 50 on a game (w/guitar) that = win, than a cheap immitation that uses your keyboard.

Keyboards are for typing and playing FPS games with, not guitar! XD
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