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The noob needs help/Plz

Alright I know this is my fault for being a noob and all but can anyone tell be how I can find this file to delete it.I am trying to install php_nuke and it says this.

Install PHP-Nuke (2/3)

The installation can not be completed:

- You chose to install in the main directory of the domain, but there are conflicting filenames, therefore we can not proceed. Following filenames already exist in the main directory of the domain (path="/home/blurun/public_html/").You must manually remove these files before proceeding with auto-installation:

Click on the browser's Back button to fix reported errors.

Yo can anyone help me.Remember noobs always need help
Texas Al
Are you using Fantastico or installing it from a file you uploaded yourself?

If you're not using Fantastico, try using it to install PHPNuke. I know it has PHPNuke on the menu.
I am using fantastico and I need it(php nuke) to be my root file
Install it yourself.

The process is actually much more simpler and you won't have those crapped up "fantastico_*.txt" in your root.
Fantastico wont install it in the root, it wants a folder, save yourself time and do it manually, you wil learn a lot.
So what do I do go to the phpnuke sight and dl it,but then how do I install it as a root file
hey i ran into same problem.. heres the problem

fantastico fails because the images file is already there... all files it installs to must not be created yet... so if you delete your images file through file manager or whatever, wallah, it will install Wink

or do a manual install... ive done both.. manual is good so you learn about where and what stuff is if its your first time

to manually install, heres what you do (those instructions can be fregin hard to understand if you got no clue Wink)

download the files, unzip them somewhere...
now, open up the folder you unziped them in, and change the information in the config.php file inside the html file

here what your gonna want to change

$dbuname = 'yourusername'                  ;
$dbpass           = 'your password'                  ;
$dbname           = 'yourusername_nuke'                  ;

you can change some of the other stuff in the config.php if you understand what it does.

now upload all the files through ftp.. make sure you dont fail on any of them (if you do, theres usually a tab that allows you to see what you failed and resubmit them) ... theres 3000+ items, so theres plenty of chances to fail an upload Wink youll want everything in the html file of the unziped phpnuke to be in the public_html file.. files and folders...

now go to your cpanel
go to mysql databases, create new, name it nuke (your username will auto be stuck on in the front, so it will become yourname_nuke).

now scroll down on that page after youve made a database, and click "myPhpAdmin" link near the bottom of that page, on the left hand side should be a drop down box, choose the yourusername_nuke from the list. now on the top of the page theres tabs, click the "SQL" one, there will be text boxes... look down at the location of the textfile one.. click browse and browse on over to your folder you unzipped phpnuke to on your computer. instead of going in the html file, go to the sql file. select the file nuke.sql. click go. now the tables in your database should be up Smile

now just redirect your browser to and create your god account and start your site Smile

if anything is wrong that others notice who are more experienced then me, im going off memory.... sooo yeh... and ive only done it like 2wice...
All you have to do to fix that is to delete the folder called images in your root dir and then run the setup again and it will work fine. It is just becuase the folder images is already there.
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