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Super Columbine Massacre RPG

I heard that they made some video game about the Columbine incident. My friend spoke to me the other day about an article in a magazine. Didn't get many details. I am not sure if it is anything like the game. Maybe some miscommunication. Not sure.

Can anyone let me know some details or if they have played this game. Just curious.

Personally, I think games manufacturers show a serious lack of class and scruples when producing games like this (or those like it)...or showing gun-toting gangsta-type thugs.
We know these idiots exist in real life, but why the hell let our kids grow up emulating them?
Well, in such a case, watching films with gangstas and having news of violence in random country X should be forbidden too, as before computer games, people played cops and robbers and other such fascinating things - and while part emulated the cops, part emulated the robbers as well.

Keep in mind that games of violent nature generally receive a 15 and upwards age rating. GTA, for one, was 17+ before Hot Coffee took it to M ratings, hardly a child age. Unreal Tournament is 15+. Condemned is, if memory serves, 18+. There's age limits, and it's not the fault of the manufacturer, it's the fault of the ESRB if they let through a violent game with a lower rating than it should be, and the fault of the parent for buying a violent game to their kid, who is clearly underage, or letting the said kid play the said game. It's really that simple. No point in blaming the producers, they only supply that which people buy.

However, if such a game would indeed come out, it would be pretty disgusting. Cashing in on a tragedy like that is a great deal more immoral than GTA and other stuff will ever be.
I think this was independently made. It might have been an SA goon, but my sources could be wrong.
The classification of video games/dvd's etc is flawed though, in that there are as many dim-witted, impressionable adults out there as kids....just because you turn 15, 18 or whatever, doesn't automatically make you much more mature & level-headed as the day before that birthday.
God knows how we can do it, but we need to weed out the moronic element in society,making the world a happier, safer place for those that deserve a peaceful life.
I've heard of it and yes it actually was independently made. It's not like some big gaming company decided to be complete jerks and make a game of it, just some silly kid with nothing better to do with his time than to try make some controversial game. He did get a hell of a lot of crap for it, though he had some pretty good arguments and stuff for it.

Here's the link for any who want to look:
*has just looked at the site and the screenies* Well, it's actually worse than I thought... Not is it just "cashing in", it's also moralising with the wrong sources. Of course, I would have to play it to make sure, but somehow, I rather spend my time on something else.

Regardlessly, some criticism. First of all, the thing seems superficial at best. Disk of Marilyn Manson inspiring them into a rage? Please... *sigh* Not that I even like Manson, but come on, does listening Tchaikovsky make you an intellectual, or listening to Brittney Spears turns you into a teenage girl? Didn't think so. The access to guns issue is a bit of a nudge to the right direction... However, as always, it seems that the main issue is overlooked. Namely. Why did those two start listening "sinister" violent music, play violent games, and eventually, get guns? Were they just freaks, or was their surroundings actively pushing them to it? How popular have they been in school throughout the years of study? Have people been picking on them?

I know it's just a computer game, but it's things like that that distort people's vision of truth, get them to be manipulated in their opinions and eventually give politicians the power to do something that is besides the point, while the actual problem's source still remains.

I really don't see the point in making a game like that. It just proves that there's something wrong with our society when people actually have a desire to play a game where they get to pretend to be someone who actually went to a school and gunned down innocent people. Why on earth anyone would want to do that is beyond me. But sadly enough those people exist as is evident by the number of downloads the game has had.
The_Gamer294 wrote:
its not just the games, its the kids parents.. some buy the games because they dont play them and dont really know whats in them. but online fps people just dont understand. its completely different. everyones like "whats so fun about killing people?" well, its not like that. GTA is normally played by people who are alone and thinking oh so and so was a dick today so im gunna shoot him. but people online are like oh pwnd and laugh and stuff.. its like paint ball.

then theres the people who think paintball is stupid too. well, its just tag but with range because people are too lazy to run all the way across the woods to tag the kid who is impossible to catch in the first place.

ok. im not sure that all made sense but oh well.. lol you get the point

You're didn't really make sense Smile

See...paintball is fun. I don't know if I'd equate it to "long range tag" but that's ok. But did you look at this game's website?? It's quite a leap from paintball or even a random shoot em up game like gta, to a game where you actually re-enact a historical massacre. It's not even a war game (which some would say fall along the same "re-enact a historical massacre.") It's a game where you get to be the kids who went to their high school and slaughtered their fellow students. Why would anyone want to even pretend to do that?? Next they're going to come out with a 911 flight simulator where you get to hijack a plane and pilot it into the twin towers. The sad thing is that people would buy it and play it.
Prophets Of Eberron
wow...i just dont know what to say Rolling Eyes
I would rather they play that and not do the real thing. Maybe it will get out peoples' aggressions (mostly teenage punks I bet). But there are enough stupid people out there that would get a kick out of this.
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