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Tattoo's: Do You Have One?

How Many Tattoo's Do You Have?
None [0]
 65%  [ 36 ]
One [1]
 12%  [ 7 ]
Two [2]
 7%  [ 4 ]
Three [3]
 1%  [ 1 ]
Four [4]
 3%  [ 2 ]
Five or More [5+]
 9%  [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 55

First off I would like to apologise if these is already a thread on the subject. I searched and fount nothing of a similiar nature.

Recently I got a tattoo in Amsterdam. I did want to get one here in England, but over here you have to be 18+ (with I.D), to get one. I have just turned 17 and the chance arose in Amsterdam so I thought why not? It cost about 60 || $70 || 40, which compared to the rates in the UK is rather good.

I'd just like to add that I was completely sober when I had it done, and was not high (I actually didn't try the weed/special cakes/mushrooms are forunately will probably never will). It's only just healed, my body has a problem with healing so I've only really just started feeling confident about it.

I did want it to be a bit smaller seen as it looks a little big.

Belows an image showing the proportional of the size of the tattoo in comparison.

It looks an ok size here so I do like it (a lot). Now I need some little tops to show it off.

*More tattoo images available at - feel free to check them out*

Now, lets see your tattoo's, and please share your opinions on mine and tattoo's as a whole.
I think the proportion is nice. I do not have any tatoos. I do not like large tatoos on people and I really do not like tatoos in odd locations like a person's neck. I like the look of some of the arm bands tatoos and the small tatoos like you have are nice too. I also like it when the tatoo can be shown or hidden depending on the situation.
You got a tattoo!
I want to get one too, but I don't know any good tattoo parlours here. Also, I know what tattoo I want on my back, but it's huge, and it's not going to be my first tattoo... first, I want a small tattoo on my arm, and I can't think of what I want it to be.
No bro. I can't use tattoo.Bkz i am muslim.
I like it ALOT!!!
It looks super cool if you ask me.
And the fact that it's a star makes it that much more cooler!!
Very Happy

~love: nIkKi
Ive got one that is my japanese calligraphy for "someone who follows the discipline of nimpo" or ninja ^_^
ill upload a picture sometime for you!
I don't think tattoos are for me, but I enjoy seeing these on others, hehe. I also browsing the designs, as tattoos usually require special composition, limited colors etc. All so exciting x3
Hi have 2 tattos
One on my ankle of a unicorn also a big mistake one on my arm with a name on it that i want to get removed or just colored over
Hey, I have 6 tats (all self designed) - a red star on the back of my neck, cherubs with banners (left 'Thanatos', right 'Eros' - Greek gods of death and love, also the two halves of the id in Freud's hilarious yet compelling theory) on the front of my shoulders, a blue eye surounded by flames between the shoulder blades, a green eye with Egyptian(ish) black stylings around it on my lower back, and three stars descending in size on the bottom right of my stomach. Not been able to get one done in ages alas, but there are many more floating round in my head Smile Do you want another now you've had one?
I have just the one:

But I'm sketching several others.... when I get some more money for superfluous purchases Very Happy
As I have been a parachutist in France I was only 5 mins away from putting my insigna with my enlisting number on my left shoulder.
BUT as we had to be back by 10 pm I had no time left and couldn't have this done.
Our next leave was a couple of weeks later by the time of which I didn't have the chance anymore to let this done.

Should have been this insignia

a nice one, (:
i have a japanese dragon ^^
Caxius wrote:
i have a japanese dragon ^^

Where abouts? The shoulder?
I have two or four tattoos, depending on how you look at the last one. They are all initials of people I like and have a special relationship with. It is nothing fancy, it is just for my own display sort to say.

Of course I can't find a picture right now (stupid) but I will update with a picture as soon as I have it.



It is a bit of a weird angle, and my arm looks extremely long, but that is life I suppose Razz

My bear
i don't have a tattoo, but maybe im getting one if im 18.
and if i do i want a scorpion on my right arm
I got a couple right now - looking to get one though that has a raging caribou transformed from koy fish...But I need to make sure I go to a really reputable place
Nice, Wumings Very Happy
It is small, but noticeable.

No, I don't have one. I'm not against tattoos.
I guess I still haven't thought about something that I'd really like to wear on my skin till I die.
Maybe I'll have a tattoo some day...
I don't like tatoos too much, especially on women. I probably wont have any, because I'd probably be sorry in future Wink
no tattoo, I fear of it
wumingsden wrote:
Caxius wrote:
i have a japanese dragon ^^

Where abouts? The shoulder?

no, here
Strange, Caxius..... I didn't know you wore glasses?
tidruG wrote:
Strange, Caxius..... I didn't know you wore glasses?

No, I have contact lenses now Wink
i just got my first one less than two weeks ago. Smile

it was from a drawing i did

was done very inexpensively in a friend's kitchen, and came out very well. that sounds so shady... it was by someone who had a shop/works in a shop in another state, he knew what he was doing. XD

i'm definitely interested in getting a few more. i really want a white ink tattoo on my hand/wrist.
See here...
I've got six tattoos at the moment, I'm just looking at and working on a couple more designs
I have no tattoo Sad Is it reliable for health ?
As long as you use a proper tattooist who knows what there doing and follows proper sterilisation process you'll have no problem,

Most problems are caused by contaminated needles
The idea of getting a tattoo just does not appeal for some reason.

looks good! i think tattoos can be rather sexy
Sweet! Tattoo thread! I have two myself, getting at least one more, but that may be it honestly.

I love the ones I have, but I don't want too many!

Here's my recent one, few months old:
dangerdog wrote:
i just got my first one less than two weeks ago. Smile

it was from a drawing i did

was done very inexpensively in a friend's kitchen, and came out very well. that sounds so shady... it was by someone who had a shop/works in a shop in another state, he knew what he was doing. XD

I read that and thought, how was one of your friends, in there kitchen, able to put a tattoo on you and have it turn out well until I kept reading. Smile
An overwhelming 66% of the voters here dont have any tattoos, and I am one amongst them Rolling Eyes
Nah, i'm not getting any tattoos any time soon. One of my close friends has a bunch, most of hers are done improfessionally though rofl. But I'll probably end up with a bunch of piercings in the next few years hehe.
im getting my date of birth in roman nurmerals , down my ribs on saterday
I have 8 tattoos and sometimes I think they're not enough.

At the moment, this is the last one, in my leg:

I don't have any tatoos...yet. Wink

I have always wanted one...and thought that I would just get a small one in my lower back. But, recently...after having seen one of my girlfriends with a full back tatoo...I've changed my mind. I'm absolutley going to get a full back tatoo.

[edited by wumingsden]

original image link -

[/edited by wumingsden]

I'm thinking this image with a few adjustments.


P.S. Sorry I'm not sure how to bring this image down in size...anyone can help with that?
Sorry I can't see the original post tatoo. But I think a nice tatoo should be small. Tatoos taking a large area of the body is too overwhelming for the eyes.
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