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his dark materials?

So, those of you who have read the series: what did you think? Which book did you like best? I hear they're releasing a Golden Compass film version this December--thoughts?Smile Golden compass was actually my least favorite--not because I didn't enjoy it, but because it was the first, and I just kept loving the series more and more as it went on. I think that a movie version of the 2nd and 3rd might possibly do the stories some good, too--sometimes I think the author bit off a little bit more plot than he could chew. A movie version might serve to tighten it up a little (or ruin it).
I read part 1 and 2. I liked the ideas behind the story and the plot, although I found the style a bit childish. That's - I think - partly a result of the main characters being children. If the books are made into a film I will certainly watch it.

Nice website:

(The idea of the animal guides in the books is nice, but it also brings up a lot of questions. For example: when a human gets too far away from his animal companion they both are in pain fysically and mentally and they can't survive without eachother. But what happens if they are separeted by accident, which is bound to happen sometimes: for example if they are on a ship and one of them falls overboard, or something like that. What will happen?)
I loved them. Pullman's prose is extremely beautiful. In fact, the way he writes even brings up images of the aurora borealis. My favorite was probably the Subtle Knife, though the Amber Spyglass is right up there with it. I like Will way too much for the Golden Compass to be my favorite.

I'm somewhat apprehensive about the movie, however. What with all the book-to-movie things happening (Harry Potter, LOTR, Eragon, Chronicles of Narnia, possibly Ender's Game) I'm bound to be disappointed with one as ambitious and deeply religious as this.
Yes, I loved Will too--another good reason why I enjoyed the last two better than the first. He and Lyra were such strong main characters. The writing was excellent, and I loved all the hidden levels to each story.

in response to the question above, I think that if one of the daemons fell overboard, the consiquences would be much the same as if the person had fallen overboard. Thus, they would avoid accidents like that.
I doubt accidental separations are as mentally or physically trying on a pair as, say, a forced split would be. It's been so long since I've read the books, it really has, but if I'm not mistaken Serafina had a bird as her daemon? And I think it was able to fly off a bit and be separated. However, this was probably mentioned in the book.

edit~ I just read up on it. Witches daemons aren't affected as much by the separations, and accidental separations for other daemons results, usually, in the ability of witch-like separation for regular folks. So, had a daemon fallen overboard, it would be a little trying, but it would end up in stretching the daemons mobility. So, only forcible separation is trying and hurtful.
Cedar Speeder
Really great series. At first I didn't know what to think, but I definitely got hooked. Does anyone know where the movie is being made, who's in it, etc.?

Also, after reading that series I've been in a bit of a boring patch as far as books go. Any recommendations?
Cedar Speeder wrote:
Really great series. At first I didn't know what to think, but I definitely got hooked. Does anyone know where the movie is being made, who's in it, etc.?

Also, after reading that series I've been in a bit of a boring patch as far as books go. Any recommendations?
Cedar Speeder
Well, there are some good actors in there - but hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised by the script given the writer/director's CV... This movie seems a rather different course for him!
Good allegory in these books. Of course, I didn't know about that until after I read the books - this year, actually - but amazing twists and plots. I finished the last one my freshman year of High School and still remains my favorite trilogy.
meet in rio
I didn't read these books until I was 15 (and so was only too aware of Pullman's (ir)religious agenda by that point), but I was blown away by them. They have such wide appeal, too: my 75-year-old grandmother, my 44-year-old uncle and I (19) are all huge fans.

Northern Lights did take a while to get started, though (I was about 25% of the way through before I really began to get into it), and as beautiful as Lyra's Oxford was, I found it infuriatingly short and inconclusive.

Can't wait for The Book of Dust!

I'm really looking forward to the film, too. It seems like they've cast it rather well. Shame they're using the US title (I hear it was the same lot that was responsible for the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's stone switch), but I can understand why.
I had no idea he was coming out with a book of dust! How exciting. I wonder if it will be any good--I looked at Lyra's Oxford too, and found it to be about as you did... anyway, I will look into book of dust when it's released. Would like to read it.
I read these books when I was in seventh grade, but am currently reading them again. I loved them so much back then and they were my favorite series until I read The Wheel of Time.
I just scanned through and wasn't aware if it had been said since the topic started, but apparently the film is due out this December, and you can check out screens from it on wikipedia or imdb. It looks great.
It looks great indeed, but I still dare not hoping too much.
The books are beautiful. I actually think they are close to being the frist fantasy novels I ever read completly in English, without having read them in Norwegian first.
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