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Small Vegetable Gardens

I have a small 2'x24' area that I plant as a vegetable garden.
I usually plant
2 cherry tomato plants
2 beefsteak tomato plants
2 cyanne pepper plants
2 bell pepper plants
and green onions
I also like to sew a single row of fast maturing radishes along the front.

What kind of edible plants do you like to grow?
oh~ nice to hear that.
Have you met some problems then?
Farmin is a lot of fun but I haven’t gotten round to planting any vegetables yet. I’m quite proud of my guava tree though (sub-tropical plant growing in winter frost region). In the 90’s I tended a giant pumpkin (seeds from USA), it grew to about 38kg. A friend used it in his restaurant for a spring display. A lot of people thought it was fake and stuck garbage (nails, pencils etc.) into it to ruin it. I think you’ve motivated me to get a little veg garden going.
I have a really shady yard, so I can't grow a full vegetable garden, but I do like to grow tomatoes and sweet peppers in containers in the sunny spots. I have too much shade, on account of the trash trees around the perimeter of the property. I fully intend to get rid of the trash trees, eventually, but it won't be cheap. I'm talking about cottonwoods and longleaf pines over 80 feet tall. (I call them trash trees because they're annoying and invasive. The cottonwoods propagate through their roots and are tearing up my patio.)

The water oaks, magnolias, and dogwoods can stay, because they're pretty, and actually cast shade where I want it, but those stupid trash trees around the edges have GOT TO GO. They have my yard so heavily shaded that the wisteria, honeysuckle, jasmine, and plumbago hardly bloom. Argh!

I love growing my own fresh vegetables, and I love flowers, particularly lilies, and veggies and flowers need lots of sunshine. I'm in Florida, so there's plenty of sun, it just doesn't get into my garden. I have had a 20 foot tall bird-of-paradise for almost eight years, and it's never bloomed because it doesn't get enough direct sunlight. It's a beautiful plant, even without flowers, but STILL! I want it to bloom, darn it! It's supposed to bloom creamy off-white, instead of orange and blue, and paid extra for the semi-albino mutation, but I don't know if I got the real McCoy because there's too much shade in my yard.
I love gardening! Our yard is always full of plants! Last year we had giant sunflowers, and we have tulips every year, also peonies and poppies. For some reason tomatoes do very well in our garden, must be because we have sunny but cold weather. I also like growing corn (which does ok but not great), peas, beans, carrots (which grow everywhere but very small), zucchini! (only ever need one of those!), and things like cucumber and turnip or radishes. Oh and I forgot garlic, onions, and spices like parsley do very well. Though I don't know why lettuce never does well in my garden. I'm still v. new at gardening so *shrug*.

Anyone know how to grow pumpkins?! My pumpkin grew all crazy then died without every producing pumpkins, only an extremely long vine, and some flowers.

Sorry for rambling....Smile
TheAlpha, the biggest problem I have is getting seeds started inside.
I think I need to upgrade my light.
I have a flat mat seed heater and use fertilizer but only sunshine for light.

Rico, the guava tree sounds cool.
38kg is a huge pumpkin, too bad you didn't save any seeds from it.

Furtasacra, I hate cottonwoods. They drop that nasty white stuff everywhere.
I would love to see a 20' Bird of Paradise.
I have some dinner-plate hibiscus that produces ~9" diameter flowers.

Jharsika, sounds like a wonderful garden.
For zucchini I will either use them in a vegetable casserole,
or peel and slice long ways and bake like french fries.

Pumpkins need water, fertilizer and sun.
Once the vine develops a few flowers, cut the end of the vine to stop it's growth.
The flowers are where the baby pumpkins form,
slowly prune the flowers/baby pumpkins down till there is only one pumpkin per vine.
You want the vine to put all its energy into just one pumpkin.
Thank you! I will try this! So you mean cut off the flowers and little pumpkins. Yes that's exactly what you said oops...what about the length of the vine? Does that matter?
The plant needs enough leaves to be able to flourish.
I would leave about 6 feet of vine/leaves intact,
any growth over that is just sucking resources away from the fruit.
Each summer my mom and I make a small garden in our backyard. We have four to six cherry tomato plants, four eggplants, and our newest addition is a rhubarb plant. Occasionally we will also grow cucumbers or zucchini as well. It's fun watching them grow and seeing the different fruits form (but the eggplants are my favorite).
Well, here's a picture of the monstrous clump of bird-of-paradise:

I had to back up waaay across the yard to get the whole thing in the viewfinder on the camera. Thank goodness the yard slopes, or I probably would have wound up in the creek that separates my property from next door Smile You can see why I want this thing to bloom. If I get rid of some of the pines and crap that block the early morning sun, it probably will. That and maybe a dose of the triple phosphate that makes my shade-blooming flowers go crazy.

Oh, and a pumpkin tip - cut off all but one baby pumpkin if you want just one huge one, but if you intend to actually EAT them, you're better off with a few small ones. They're usually tastier that way. Pumpkin pie made with fresh pumpkin, mmmmm.
That thing is hugemungous.
furtasacra wrote:
Well, here's a picture of the monstrous clump of bird-of-paradise:

I love that! Of course, living in Ohio, I don't think that would do well in my garden! Wink

I had a small garden at my first house. Started at 15'x10', but each year I added a bit. My favorite item was sweet corn. The box of seeds said to place them 1' apart in rows 3' apart....I made the rows 1 foot apart and the individual seeds ridiculously close. It worked great. I'm guessing they shaded each other and cross-pollinated like crazy. Lots of ears and very tasty.

Of course, that first year I was clueless about gardening and I planted.....wait for it......12 tomato plants and 3 cherry tomato plants! I can't tell you how many jars of stewed tomatoes and sauce we canned that year! Laughing
HoboPelican wrote:
Of course, that first year I was clueless about gardening and I planted.....wait for it......12 tomato plants and 3 cherry tomato plants! I can't tell you how many jars of stewed tomatoes and sauce we canned that year! Laughing

Now that's just funny. Several years ago one of my neighbors apparently over-planted his or her garden, and I had a "vegetable fairy." A bunch of people on my street including me kept finding tomatoes and zucchini left on the front porch in the morning a couple of times a week all summer!

I think I'll just stick to my containers for now, though, that's about the smallest garden you can have.
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