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Freedom Fighters.. Fire Station Mission

Freedom Fighters is another great game i have experienced in TPS mission games. The theme story , though, is quite weired, projecting a situation where russians have occupied new york and you have to fight as a little rebellian leader for freedom..
but it gives quite an interesting playfield as you fight and lead simultaneously, ordering your follwers to defend or attck being at specific strategic positions.

if anyone has played it already, i want to ask something..
in the mission of fire station, where you have to detonate a bridge, where to find the c4 detonators
though i have done the mission aready by hoisting the flag on fire station, but still i want to know where i can find the c4 detonators in that mission
Oh, this takes me back. This was one of my favorite lesser known titles next to Legend of Legaia. It was certainly fun to play with easy to use controls and a great concept. I would definetly reccommend it to anyone looking for a good TPS/FPS.

However, to answer your question (not), I sadly can't remember any of the missions that well. I would tell you everything you needed to know if I still had the game, or even if I still played it. It would probably be best to look on gamefaqs.
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