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New BB5 mobile codes... Will they last?

Hi all, I don't know if any of you have one of the new BB5 locked mobiles.
I have and did you know you can't unlock them from the network using the old calculators?

I was given a new phone by a friend (Nokia 6233) he's on Orange but I'm on Voda. I thought hhmmmm nice phone I'll have that and get it unlocked.

NO.... Apparently I have to phone Orange and get the code of them (at an elevated rate I presume). As far as I'm aware there is only 1 unlock code for each IMEI No.

Will people bother with a BB5 phone if they can't unlock them?
I travel alot and have various SIM cards for wherever I travel, if I can't unlock the network code will I bother with a BB5 phone?


And I think alot of people will become a bit p**sed off when they can't ulock them to sell on also..

What do you all think?

Ideally we need a mole on the inside of the network houses to release the database of release codes and IMEIs.....
If you take the phone to a mobile phone repair shop or similar, they'll be able to unlock the handset for between 10 and 20. There are programs / codes available on the internet to unlock the handset, but usually you'll only get 2 or 3 attempts at a code before it is permanently locked. AFAIK, the repair stores use a hardware clip to unlock the handset so there's no risk of barring / locking them.

You should also be aware that it's entirely legal and legitimate to have a network lock removed by someone other than the network. It's not like having a stolen phone's IMEI changed so that it is unblocked as this is completely illegal.

Apparently these BB5 phones can't be unlocked via cable etc. yet.

May just buy an Orange sim for 1 @ the mo.. and see how that pans out.

There's bound to be a fix soon as all the new series phones are using the BB5 technology..
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