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PCI-E graphics card

i am planning to buy a graphics card and i wanted to buy ATI Radeon X550 at first but now i also have the option of buying an nVidia 7300 GT. both of them have a memory of 256 MB and both are made by ASUS. the only differnece is that the ATI Radeon has a memory clock of 500 MHz whereas the nVidia has a memory clock of 800 MHz (400 MHz DDR2). also the 7300 GT has DDR2 technology whereas the X550 has DDR technology. which one should i buy? the 7300 GT costs 3000 taka more than the X550.
You should try the X1950 256MB DDR3, the graphics are INTENSE. Although it is best to have no less than a 350W power supply, and make sure you have the proper cooling.
I'm not familiar with your currency, but the NVIDIA card has at least twice the pipelines on just about everything. If I remember correctly, the 7300 has DDR, not DDR2. The increased frequency or the difference in core frequency isn't that big of a deal, they both can be overclocked to about the same (the ATI runs hotter). The NVIDIA would put less of a load on your PSU though.

I conclude that they are similar, but you should go with the 7300GT if it is not too much extra.
I think there are both DDR2 and DDR3 versions of the card. The 73GT is a much better card. I'm not sure what taka is compared to the USD dollar but it'd have to be a really good deal to not get the 73GT.
Personnaly I am an NVidia fan

I have the E-Geforce 7950 GT KO 512 MB Video card, It is a wonderful card, I love it. It requires a 400Watt powersupply though and it is SLI capable, I would recommend this card it is not overly expensive around 350 canadain, so a bit pricy for some, for me it was a good price.

For ATI I hear good things about X1950 apparently is comparible to the 7950 GT KO, so if you are not picky about manufacturer I would recommend one of these, they are not too pricy considering what you get for your buck.

Enjoy your gamin I hope my advice will help you with your decision, good luck!

Enjoy your gamin all!
ATi is still way behind Nvidia in graphics, no one that has bought an ATi in the last year or so that I know have liked there ATi cards. The best buy for the buck right now is the 7600GT, it has quite a bit a power, and as far as tech goes it beats any ATi card out. check out TomsHardWare Guide, at they have benchmarks for all the cards, and a nice price guide.
Don't get the 7300gt or x550, see you can bump the budget up a bit and get the 7600GS or GT.
I just bought a pny 7300gt 256mb for $89.00 new @ microcenter and I love it.
You can get a 76GT for 90 bucks usd at newegg. It's definitely a better buy than the 73GT.
Handyman wrote:
I just bought a pny 7300gt 256mb for $89.00 new @ microcenter and I love it.

Sorry to say, but you just got ripped off. You can get a brand new 7600GS on newegg for about 70 bucks, or a 7600gt for around 90.
Video cards are a lot more expensive if you don't buy them online. That price is actually good for buying in-store. Shocked

I ALWAYS order online, it saves so much money. Very Happy
If you are not gamer X550 would be enough for you, but if you want to play games sometimes you need at least X1950Pro or GT.

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I suggest you deffinitely try out that 7300. I have a 7600GT and I absolutely love it. However, I have an X1400 in my laptop and I absolutely hate it. It's up to you but I have had far better experience with nvidia than ati.
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