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How to play PS2 title in Personal Computer?

How to play PS2 title in Personal Computer?

I have played PS1 title with Bleem software.

But, I can't play PS2 title.

Thanks a lot.
It's impossible for sure. Personal Computer can not run on such a high demand of display ability.

Come on, man, buy yourself a PS3
Heridlia. ps3's are $600 worth of equipment. Trust me when I say that any computer that is over $1000 will run faster than it. Especially running Linux.
Currently I don't think anyone has made an efficient enough emulator for the PS2, so any one you would use wouldn't work prefectly, so you may as well just play PS2 games on a PS2.
I've heard there are some emulators out there. I had one, but it only played games on CDs, not DVDs, and even there, the choice of games was if at all, low. Can't remember what it was called or where I found it though, it's been over a year now.
There is a PCSX2 which plays Final Fantasy X and X-2 at decent frame rate, so you can try it out. I saw something like 15-20fps on the screens they have provided with beta-tests.

And - oh - you must have a decent computer and european ISO of the game. Personally I haven't tried it myself (I have an orginal and PS2 so for what reason I want to try it on PC:D?) so I can't give it an opinion.

But I saw some videos taken from emulation - and I must say you won't feel those 20fps - it looks almost like on television. Actually it looks better, because emulator can't emulate something as badly coded as PS2-games 100% like from TV - it gives graphic models some higher resolution you know - because TV native resolution is 720x576 (720x480 in NTSC) so guess what Very Happy.
I have tried a couple emulators. Most are crap and can only play crappy games. I am currently trying a new one. It plays devil may cry 3 with not too much problems. The downfall is that there is a million and one setting to configure for every game. If you change games you might need to change settings. I am starting to think it's not worth the hassle. Just buy a PS2, From what i've seen $600 for PS3 is not really worth it to play games.
The PS2 emulators out are all in beta and nowhere near completion. But since European PS3's have the code to emulate PS2 games (they don't use PS2 chips anymore), hackers will probably reverse engineer that and get one working for the PC.
mattchun wrote:
It's impossible for sure. Personal Computer can not run on such a high demand of display ability.

Come on, man, buy yourself a PS3

Not everyone has $600+ to waste on a PS3. Why not suggest a PS2 instead, since they are dirt cheap?
dat impossable!!!!!!!!!!!
The last time I checked there was no realistic way to run PS2 games on a PC at a "playable" framerate. As mentioned earlier, all the PS2 emulators are currently in the beta testing stages and you'll need a rather powerful computer to begin with in order run them half decently.
Is it not cheaper to buy a new PS2 slim? The progress of getting PS2 games to run on a PC is currenty at a halt, the last time I checked.
But as mentioned, European (and now American) PS3s have PS2 emulation software, so, it's only a matter of time before hackers can reverse engineer this and port it to the computer.
But, it could be a very long time before we see any progress. So, hang tight and keep an eye on video game news feeds that dicuss homebrew work. Smile
Using emulator... blah how many times I meet somebody who ask about it...
but like the other opinion, I prefer play the real PS2 than the emulator, It's much more better in some way, trust me ^^

btw if you didn't had the console it self, using emulator with BIOS from ps2 are illegal tough...
Yeah, just get a ps2....
Its funny how people will post topics in this forum and not reply..

Well as people above stated, ps2 emulators are still in development and do not complete emulate commercial titles , but they are mainly used from developing homebrew games.
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