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Andermans Tips For Creating A New Website

Ok, Here I am going to list some of the key factors for designing a website

1. Use a nice easy colour scheme - Try using colours that work well with each others, Like white and blue.
Clashing colours will make your site look unprofessional and wil ldrive many viitors away

2. Don't go over the top with images - Although this ma make your site much nicer it could cause problems for people with a
slower internet connection

3. Don't make the layout huge - Try and make sure your layout dosent get squashed up for smaller moniters

4. Check in all browsers - Its worth checking that your site looks good in all browsers and people dont allways use the same
as you

5. Don't add too many pop-ups - Although this can create you nice money it will drive your visitors insane

6. Keep a theme throughout your site - Try and keep your site relatvily the same throughout

7. Check your spelling - Always try and check your grammar and spelling

8. Easy navigation - Self explanatory really Rolling Eyes

9. Update, Update, Update!! - Visitors love to come back t a site with new content added daily

And finally: Check your site through a validator - Just to check that all the coding is up too scratch

These are just a few simple steps if you are creating a website
Any questions please feel free to ask

Tutorial written by Anderman for the Frihost forums

Hope this helps

I would say not to use any pop-ups at all, unless they pay you a small fortune and you know that most pop-up blockers block them (anyone who uses no pop-up blockers is: 1: an idiot 2: used to it). Also bright colors like yellow never work.
Mostly common sense...but ok...
i agree with most of that the images thing really does spoil sitesand doesnt always make them look any better just over crowded allways abad look c, does any1 have any comments on my site
Wait, are you here just to attempt to promote a site that doesn't exist. Put it in your sig.
htmlmaster wrote:
(anyone who uses no pop-up blockers is: 1: an idiot 2: used to it). Also bright colors like yellow never work.
LMFAO, can say at again mate, pop ups annoy the sh*t clean outta me, ifa dont have them blocked my explorer keeps crashin or my opera fills up to the neck, does my wick in, F**K any c**t as uses pop ups in there sites, dam u's all to hell . Very Happy
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