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Freedom Tower/World Trade Center

What Shoud Happen With Ground 0?
Continue the Building of the Freedom Tower
 57%  [ 8 ]
Public Gardens
 28%  [ 4 ]
 7%  [ 1 ]
Who Cares
 7%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 14


For me this is a touchy topic but feel that it needs to be addressed. We all know what happened on Sepetember 11th 2001. Is it a good idea to build a new building over the remains of the World Trade Center? I mean for example in order to build something like that tax dollars are going to have to rise, and not only Tax dollars, gas prices will also rise.

I don't want to start an argument about this but I'm just voicing my opinion. Just picture yourself working in that office building once it is finished and what would the thoughts going through your head be knowing what happened about 10 years ago "building set to be ready for occupancy in 2010". I for one would not want to work there.

I mean keep the memorial there. Make it into a public garden or something not another builiding. I feel that a public garden would be way better than another sky scaper building. The towers were attacted twice from what I remember. A Bomb and then the planes. Who is to say that this tower won't be targeted too?
I would say it would be best to keep the memorial there, and not to built new buildings. What if they we're to build new buildings in the same place. What if terrorists we're to plan on attacking the same buildings again?
It makes little difference. Make a park or building, and of course some people will be offended by the decision (if it's a building), but I personally think that the best thing for them to do would be to just leave it.
July 3, 2006 - Construction all over New York could be put to a halt due to a possible worker's strike after the Fourth of July holiday. A strike would affect hundreds of thousands workers, including workers on the Freedom Tower, putting another delay on the construction.

This is the latest news update on the Freedom Tower Website. Nothing has been updated yet. So from what I can see... Since the construction workers went on strike the start of the building has just been left there. And no updates at all on the status of the construction.
Hmm, I would rather see it be a public garden, but I assume that that particular real estate is just too valuable to let sit and not be generating rent. I am pretty ignorant about this sort of thing, but why would taxes and gas prices rise? Is it being built by the state or a private business?
I would like to see the site made into public space (garden, park, etc). But the land is too valueable. Dollars generated from taxes on building, the businesses in it and people working in it will just be too much for NYC to turn away.
I regret to give this update

Freedom Tower Update: As the sixth anniversary of 9/11 passes, construction of the Freedom Tower continues to move forward. The National September 11 Memorial, which will be located elsewhere on a 16-acre site, should be finished by 2009.

Both structures have been the subject of some debate, but public perception of them is improving, and developers remain confident that their work will act as a fitting tribute to the victims of 9/11.

The Freedom Tower is due to be completed in 2012.
I'm thinking that this Freedom Tower is just another target. I think a simple memorial on-site would be a much better decision. It won't offend people, it won't create another terrorist target, and it will actually mean something to generations down the line.

I don't know why some people are assuming that we're safer since 9/11. Where is the improvement? Anyone else wondering the same thing?

Oh, but I suppose that's discussion for another thread...
HoboPelican wrote:
I am pretty ignorant about this sort of thing, but why would taxes and gas prices rise? Is it being built by the state or a private business?

I'm with you on this one. How would taxes rise as a result of a privately funded development, wait take a step back. Who owned the original world trade center towers? It was surely insured so effectively the government won't be out of pocket at all.

As for building anything else, I don't see the point. Gardens won't use the site to generate (any) return. I understand that some people are still very sensitive about the issue but I think the best way to send a message to any would be terrorists is to build it back up bigger and better. The message is simple, we will rebuild AND come and get you.

As for being safer now JBotAlan, I take it you haven't flown in the US recently. You can't even get a bit of moisturizer through security and cockpits are locked these days. I don't see a repeat of the hijackings we saw.
Aside from the thousands that were killed, people seem to forget that the destruction of those buildings put thousands more out of work, or forced them to move their companies to other headquarters. Most of the companies that inhabited the towers (and the other buildings that fell) now operate across the river in New Jersey or across the other river in Brooklyn.

I was at the site two weeks ago, and there is a long way to go. WTC7 which was the last to fall has been rebuilt, but aside from that, there is just a big hole in the ground with the subway running through. Personally, I was much more moved by the 9/11 memorial constructed in the county in New Jersey I grew up in than the ground zero itself.

I say, build the tower, and make it the highest, most ostentatious structure in the city, if not the world, and that will be a sort of "up yours" to the terrorists.

Ground Zero from my hotel room

9/11 Memorial in Morris County, New Jersey
raine dragon

I think there are different ways to look at it. I mean, they could make a nice garden there and people can come to that garden to remember and mourn...

But, generally you don't force a wound open and dwell on it. That doesn't help it heal. Wounds of the heart, while fundamentally different then wounds of the body, also can't heal unless you let them. And I'm not saying to forget the people there, or to forget the incident. But, at the same time, can one really say that it is better to dwell on the pain of it? When a loved one dies, do you dwell on their pain, their suffering? Or do you look towards their good, their life, their hope? I think, it's in looking at the good things and good times, that you can truly keep those people close, and, though the scar doesn't heal completely, the pain grows softer in time.

A garden built there would constantly remind people of their loss, it would constantly be a symbol of that pain... Where as a building, a new start, a new place, a sort of moving on.... gives hope to the future, it shows that we will be brave and we will stand tall. That, though we have been pained, we still have the strength to go on.

I'm just a 21-year-old. I don't know the vast secrets of the world, and I know this is a sensitive topic, and so I will remind all that this is only my opinion, and in stating it, I mean no harm...
I believe, that A greter, efven bigger, even stronger building sjhould take their place, in order to show, that their actions will not shater our future, and that all of their actions will only make us stronger. Building anything else, would be a sigh of weakness. Well, don't get me wrong, but by saying "weakness", i mean that, we will show them that their actions actually do work, which will give them moral satisfaction, to repeat such actions at the future...
Well first of all hi to you, as far as what to build there and what not to build there is concerned I think That in future the world is going to be a very crowded place, If we all start building memorials and gardens on the death of people(I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings here) then there might be a scarecity for the people to fetch a place for themselves for them to live in.

Regarding the world trade center I was not knowing that any freedom tower is to be built in the very same place but if you say the work has already started then it's no use to stop that process, Yes the building can again be targeted but People should not be so fearful because life means fear. And people can get killed anytime by several means earthquake, etc.

So I think the work should continue...
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