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SQL upgrade request

I know this topic already exists but it is closed, but i think it shouldn't be. Actually we have MySql 4.0.x and now many of web apps needs at least mysql 4.1. There was a replay that it will be done, but when ? I know that the admins are very busy but can someone say something more about the date of the upgrade? if it wiil be a near future or maybe 2,3 months or one year.
I don't know man, I mean its a free host with PHP and MySQL, I really dont think that you can ask for much more. I guess that this would be great but I don't think that it is completely necessary.
I don' t think you can complain about people complaining, as it were. Frihost isn't exactly free, you need to keep an (admittedly small) commitment going in order to keep your hosting, and therefore users have a small basis fo complaint if Frihost is really stuck in the Iron Age.

This was an issue with PHP5, and it's an issue with MySQL too - just because there's no money changing hands doesn't mean that we can expect nothing from the service, otherwise why are we here?
It would be better to upgrade to MySql 4.1 soon if not to PHP 5
scorpio wrote:
It would be better to upgrade to MySql 4.1 soon if not to PHP 5

Hehe, I think we should cut our looses and aim for PHP6 Laughing
garionw wrote:
scorpio wrote:
It would be better to upgrade to MySql 4.1 soon if not to PHP 5

Hehe, I think we should cut our looses and aim for PHP6 Laughing

PHP 6 is in development... By the time it is released, most PHP 5 scripts will be outdated..

Wonder what bondings will do then?

But frihost just cant remain here forever..
last i heard on PHP5 was that bondings felt there were too many security issues to implement it successfully here, although that was a very long time ago.


Bondings wrote:

A list of things you shouldn't suggest (because we will never add them anyway or are already working on it):
1) Adding subforums to this forum.
2) Adding other language forums. It's more than enough for now and I won't add new ones.
3) Advertise with pop-ups.
4) Putting a banner on your websites.
5) Separate announcements, stickies and polls.
6) Asp on this server.
7) Changing this forum from phpBB to IPB/SMF/any other board system.
Cool Removing ADS from this forum.
9) Adding New Skins / Templates to the forum.
10) Quick Reply
11) A shoutbox or chatroom
12) A shop to sell more Bandwidth or Space using FRIH$
13) Arcade / Games on Forum
14) Post reporting system
15) Paid Hosting
16) Exchanging FRIH$ for Points / Trading, donating or receiving Points.
17) Transferring from the Directadmin server to the Cpanel Server or vice versa
1Cool More user ranks.
19) Upgrading PHP to version 5
20) The addition of an 'Auto-installer' on Direct Admin
21) The display of either $frih and/or points on other places located on the forum
Meh, PHP is an huge security hole as it is, and Frihost's is pretty lenient in terms of security. PHP5 surely isn't worse than 4?
I've already posted a topic like this; I believe Bondings said he'd get around to it (eventually).
I think frihost is good enough now. I have never used a free web hosting like this. Many web hosting has file type limited, file size limited, databases limited and so on. Frihost did not limit this.
it is okay to use The mySQL 4 , But upgrading to mySQL 5 is better.
The reason some of those things are on the "Do Not Suggest" list is because they are in progress or on the back-burners. So why keep suggesting the same stuff over-and-over again when you could be suggesting new ideas for FriHost that haven't been thought of yet?

(Just my opinion)

God bless,
If I remember correctly 4.1 has more problems than 4.
I havnt heard anything about the updating of the mysql before, but for the php5, i really wanted/want this as well, I want to learn php, however, the really good book i have, is based around php 5, and when i try it on here..the errors are.... o.0 .. But i can understand bondings reasons, it will make a lot of other peoples scripts have errors.

Anyway, unless there are big side effects of upgrading the mysql (like others scripts getting messed up) Im all for this!
If I remember correctly, there were certain obstacle's in installing Apache, PHP, mySQL; Which is why he hasn't gotten around to installing them yet.
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