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Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars Demo Impressions

Sounds like this one could be interesting...
First Impressions, Far Far to fast compared to previous games, you can max out your tech tree in 10mins. Tech tree is too short, not many avenues of victory or tactics as far as I can see.

Tiberium fields get harvested way to quickly and barley regenerate. I want to be able to settle down into a mission and enjoy it, not spam troops to rush and fulfill objectives.

The new units don't feel different, in C&C a tank was a tank, in Tiberium Wars, it doesn’t, they units feel really weak. Everything seems to reach 1/2 health after ever confrontation and blow up in the next.

I do, however, like the new squad mechanics for infantry, very nice. The Cut scenes look impressive, but seem to have lost "the magic" of the Tiberian Sun and Dawn by using real sets, no cool CGI backgrounds.

The Battlestar Galactica Actors seem like they really don't care or want to be there, just walking on set blurting lines and walking off again.

I think all in all its an ok game I will probably buy, but nothing like what I wanted or expected.

(Rant over)
I just started downloading the demo now, so once it's finished I'll post up a short review on it. Reserving this space. Smile

Although, what Mordane said about the tech tree worries me. :/
Klaw 2
Good first impression played prolugue & mission looks nice, however;
indeed the tech tree is somewhat short, also there are no walls, at least walls you can construct with your construction yard, there are walls but they are pre-placed and everything. Quite disapointing.

good cutscens like the old C&C's

After playing skrimish:

Tiberian fields generate too slowly and harvestings goes too fast.
vehiks get auto repaired near a warfactory (plus).

I like the squads however I cant find out to regenerate a squad bit of a downside.

if someone fires a ion cannon on you you can quickly sell your buildings with a nuke its harder to see where its landing.

and with out walls its easy to capture the other's team buildings.
I like it so far, very well optimised engine, runs pretty smooth on my machine, which isn't too high-end at the moment... Though I have to agree, people in the GDI side, at least in the demo, seem a bit, well... Bored. Kane, on the other side, is as always epic.
I downloaded the demo, only to have it crash every single time I went to start a level, skirmish or not. Seeing as how the machine I'm running it on is only about 2 months old, and all of the drivers are up to date, I can't explain why it wouldn't work.

The GDI commander reminds me of Red Foreman from That 70s Show.
Update: What? No NOD Missions in the Demo! thats criminal! ah well, what little Kane I did see wetted my appatite!

Still stand by what I said thought, the GDI Actors seem a bit dull, apart from that lady that breifs you mid mission, she seems like she can act, we like her very much we does.
Is there a demo? I can't find it...
I saw a trailer and the game looked really awesome, with those real actors etc. I also think I saw something like an alien race??? That sucks, that's not what I want. Stupid alien races that come to earth...
Razz Razz Razz This is the Demo?
i wanna play the full >=)
By the way, you can play for NOD in the Skirmish, too. For that, open the side selection menu, CLICK on the NOD, which will not be selected, of course, but just after you do click, press N. Voila, you can now see the full might of NOD without using the dirty Engineer trick!
Kitten Kong
i like red alert more...
but yet..
tank rush time!!
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