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Does my CD player really save songs, or just playlists? HELP

I dont know if this is the right section to post this.. But, I'll go for it..

I recently bought a philips cd player. And in it, it says it holds up to 50 hours of music. I thought ( NO WAY ). It says it's compatible with MP3 and WMA files, does this mean that it can play that kind of file from a cd? It's model EXP2550.. And the front of the package says:

Your complete MP3/WMA-CD experience.
Enjoy MP3 and WMA playback
Plays CD, CD-R and CD-RW discs
Savor up to 50-hour music playback*
200-second Magic Electronic Skip Protection**
Designed for urban action
Round and compact design
* Capacity based on 4 minutes per song
and 64kbps WMA encoding
** Based on 64 kbps WMA encoding
The player can play CDs width mp3 /wma on it. I think they mean that you can listen to 50 hour of music from a CD based on " 4 minutes per song and 64kbps WMA encoding" witch is pretty low... Your player doesn't save any songs!
Basically, it is a CD player with the facility to act just like an MP3 player but using CDs to store MP3s instead of a hard disk or flash memory.

To use as an MP3 CD player just meand you simply create a data CD that contains MP3 files and the palyer will find them and play them just like it would a CD.

As for the claim of 50 hours, in realistic terms that will never happen unless you encode all your songs into low quality MP3.
I've never heard of a CD player that can hold/save songs, I think they just mean it'll last 50 hours on its own.
Its a cd/mp3 player. If you save files onto your cd instead of burning an audio cd, you can then play them on your mp3/cd player.

You can cram more onto a cdr if its just the files and not an audio cd.

if that makes sense?
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You would get 50 hours of music on a disk if you encoded them to sound like crap. it says based on 64Kbit rate, while most people encode at 192 or higher.
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