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How to act against hosting of my files at another site

This site: is hosting some wallpapers and ultramp3 skins that I worked upon so hard. These are my pages:

I've sent a mail to him but haven't got a reply as yet. I need to know what i should do to get him to remove all the stuff from his site. Any help would be much appreciated.
Unless the photos and themes are "hot-linked" from your site (ie. the other person has simply linked to the images and not downloaded them from your site and uploaded them to his own) then there's no direct action that Frihost can take, I'm afraid. If you own the copyright to the images/themes in question, you could send the other party a DMCA Takedown Notice (More information about the Digital Millenium Copyright Act is here). However, if you do not explicitly own the copyright to the items, do not send an official DMCA takedown notice - this would be committing a crime in itself.

I'm afraid that if you don't have copyrights explicitly, you will just need to rely on the other person's sense of decency.
Contact his host and datacenter, if in the USA it should work pretty good with a DMCA.
Well, the photos and skins are actually hotlinked from my site.

I don't know about copyright over the pictures. I mean i just resized them accoring to the cell phone needs but the skins were made by me from scratch.

Still haven't got any reply from him.

I did try to contact his host but its all in Persian/Farsi and I don't understand a word of it. I think I'll ask someone at Language and Translation forum to help me out.

Anyways thanks a lot.
If they are hotlinked then just change their urls. You can also disable hotlinking for images or disable all accesses when the referrer string is set to that website.
Bondings wrote:
If they are hotlinked then just change their urls.

Of course! Thats the simplest solution. I didn't think of it.

You can also disable hotlinking for images or disable all accesses when the referrer string is set to that website.

??? Didn't get this part. Sorry Embarassed
You can edit your .htaccess file to disable hotlinking - this website should help you generate a .htaccess file that will do this for you.
Thanks a lot Animal and Bondings. THe htaccess did the trick. I got the link to be redirected to my site. Really, thanks a lot.
No problem - I hope this helps you solve the issue once and for all Smile
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