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Gaming Site looking for staff.

We at www.myarcadeplanet.comare a fairly new site that is quickly making a splash in the gaming news realm. We are looking for qualified individuals who would be an asset to our current, robust writing staff. No experience is necessary, only a talent within the field of writing and the desire to gain experience that will help you later in life as you may pursue a career in this rigorous field. At the moment, all positions with in our growing community are unpaid and volunteer based, however we are working on something so that in the future we may be able to compensate our team through gaming paraphernalia.

Current openings include Lead Xbox 360 Writer, Lead Ps3 Writer, Lead Wii Writer, as well as a few Junior Writer positions within each of those platforms. We also are in need a few Content editors for each platform.

Compensation: Assumed Volunteer
To apply:
Right now, any help spreading the word about the site would be awesome. Please feel free to sign up for our forums.
I'm intrested in a job, depedending on:

Are the topics chose for us? I own none of the systems but some research never hurt anyone.

When must most reviews be done? How long must they be?

I think I'll sign up for 360 reviewing though.

If I can get somthing to write up on now post here or gimme a PM.
I currently have an XBOX 360. Seems interesting. Post details or PM them to me.

I'm just helping get the word out that these type of jobs are availible. Please contact through the email I sent you.
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I'll donate my services, but I only have a Nintendo DS Lite, no consoles. PM me if you're interested.
I'd be more then happy to have a crack at it. I have a Wii, 360, DS Lite as well as older consoles.
Klaw 2
If you want I can write my opinion on games & stuff got a bit of exerience on writing walkthroughs so if you need any help.

PS have a PC and a XBOX gonna get a 360 soon.
Please contact the site owner through that email... I just posted this as a favor for him.
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