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USB over 10m?

I have a PVR box for my telly which has a USB port for lifting of video / music but my nearest pc is over 10m away, as I understand it USB is only good for 10meters with one cable... Any Ideas?
According to the distance limit is actually 5m (almost 10')

Probably your best bet would be to run a 5m cable which connects to a powered USB hub. Then run another 5m cable that ends in a powered hub, etc
Check They carry alot of USB devices to amplify and extend a USB signal
i have only found a 5 m long
You can buy a usb 2.0 Hub wich will extend that with 2 meters or you can buy special USB port replicator.I saw in a store one with almost 15 Meters of cable, ideeal for supervising using a webcam connected to a pc trough USB Very Happy
The biggest problem with USB over long distances is that the signal degrades. (I think it's something to do with the fact that USB cables carry power as well, but I'm not entirely sure.) So if you want long USB connections, then probably the best thing to do is to use powered hubs at regular intervals, say every 4m to be safe.
Do you need it for webcams?! If this is so then I suggest buying a wireless webcam... it will save you the trouble!
Hi, I was browsing through the maplin electronics site the other day when I saw this gadget. From what your discribing I think it might suit your needs.

Quote from Maplins...

USB CAT5 Booster:
Overcome the 5m limit of extending USB with this USB CAT5 booster. It extends a USB1.1 peripheral (USB camera, printer, scanner, etc) up to 50 metres from your computer. The simple ''plug ''n'' play'' device consists two units: master and remote. They are interconnected with low-cost Cat 5, Cat 5e or Cat 6 network cable, allowing you to easily extend your computer and USB peripheral device anywhere.


It's priced at 49.99 but I would imagine you could get it cheaper elsewhere.
EDIT: oh never mind I guess was tired while replying to this scroll up and down for answers Razz
A WUSB port is not good for you?

Wikipedia - Wireless USB article
It is possible to connect multiple USB cables together. I have had to connect a multi-purpose printer/scanner/fax machine via USB to a PC on the other side of the room, which ended up being about 15 metres of cable, I think. And there haven't been any problems with it. I think the 5 or 10 metre limit is a guide only, depending on how much bandwidth you require and the amount of external interference (and hence how much signal degradation will occur).

I have a PVR box for my telly which has a USB port for lifting of video / music but my nearest pc is over 10m away, as I understand it USB is only good for 10meters with one cable... Any Ideas?

I take it you've got a digital hard disk recorder with the capability to network to a PC via USB? In my experience hard disk recorders usually connect to digital cameras via USB, not PCs. My suggestion would be to buy the separate cables (if your PC is 20 metres away, say two 10 metre cables) and see if it works. If it's slow and has trouble transferring, then I suggest trying a powered hub or amplifier at the half-way point to boost the signal.
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