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Posting from my wii!

i am writing this from my wii!

lol, its so slow but so cool
ok im back on my comp now, with some more info.

the wii browser is powered by opera and has an embedded flash player, however i went to my site ( and i couldn't read the text on the splash page.. other than that its cool, you can watch youtube videos, add pages to favorites, back, forward, stop/refresh and even zoom in. pop up windows(not ads) come in full screen and zoomed in a youtube video takes up a good portion of the tv without getting distorted. its also free Cool
That is so cool. I doubted that the Wii could handle such great webpages.
Also, I looked at your webpage and I can't beleieve you only have 317 Unique guests! The webpage is just stunning is it a template? Even of it is there are no ads on it. Its just stunning...
IF its a template mind pointing me to where you got it from?
I used php-fusion, a cms i dont remember where i got the template but its called Webmaster, and the site was mostly non english. Hope that helps:)
Thats a nice site you have btw. I need to buy a LAN Adaptor for my Wii so I can get online. I don't think there are any online games out at the moment so no need to buy it now.
So intresting though that the Wii can run some forums that have all sorts of things. Like PHP Support, and much more.
Looks like the Wii is going to kickbutt with the internet!
I'm looking for some good templates if anyone knows of any. Free templates.
I'm off to send a webrequest then for hosting.
it lagged! lol im not surprised though, its not made to be a computer. after browsing for a really long ass time i was watching a youtube zoomed in and when i scrolled it lagged a little bit. not much but it was noticable.
Moved to hardware.
I had heard that they were developing this (and a similar one for the DS which I personally can't wait for) but I am glad to hear that it more or less works, it sounds like it still has work to be done to it. I think in the end it will be really cool though.
Nice...It looks like Nintendo is finally back in the game, and it's about time!
I've posted from my Wii in here quite a few times. It is quite impressive.
its funny how people use xbox and playstation to go online and stuff every day but when nintendo does it its amazing.
total respect to Wii as a fun gaming console! I can play and have fun even if I already got a buzz hehe
however I don't think consider it as to browse internet especially I got my Lappy to do that Razz
The_Gamer294 wrote:
its funny how people use xbox and playstation to go online and stuff every day but when nintendo does it its amazing.

That is because you can browse the internet from the Wii. It was the first to do it too, AND it is the cheapest of the 3 systems. I <3 my Wii.
I have a friend who hacked the Wii shop channel to be used to surf the internet, but it crashes on ajax and other scripts, no browser needed to be installed. But you do need an internet connection Razz .

Instructions here: WiiShop Hack
The_Gamer294 wrote:
i went to my site ( and i couldn't read the text on the splash page..

Unfortunately, Adobe will only release up to flash 7 for embedding in mobile devices. Since your site is probably done in flash 8, the wii tries, (and subsequently fails) to render it correctly. Adobe has been pretty lax in releasing updates for anything other than windows (flash 8 for Linux Evil or Very Mad).
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