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why use defrag software?

Why do people use software to defrag there computers on windows xp?
it comes with a defragging utility
Usually, the Windows defrag utility does not do a good job. It can not completely defragment the volume (considering, not even the best ones can, but the better ones do a better job than the windows one), takes a LOT of time, can not efficiently defragment system files etc. etc. That's why most people go fore other softwares.
Agreed. For suggested programs, see this thread[/url]
Well, the defragger that comes with Windows XP has limited features as compared to other third-party disk defragmentation software. For instance, the built-in XP defragger could not defrag the MFT in an event the MFT gets fragmented. Furthermore, boot-time defragmentation is not as easy to configure as opposed to let's say Diskeeper. On the other hand, most if not all third party disk defragmentation software perform defragmentation job much faster than that of Windows XP's built-in defragger. For your info, Windows XP's built-in defragger is actually a lite version of the dated Diskeeper 7, but Microsoft renamed and intergrated it to Windows XP.
Windows builtin defrag utility can take hours. Other apps do allow other cool functions like proper scheduling and defragging over network / the internet (Guess it’d be great for if you want to ‘frag your pc while at work).

But personally I don’t think its worth the cash for the extra features, the built in one, while slow, works fine for your average user I think.
When i used to use the built in defragger on Windows it would take forever to complete. I then tried using Diskeeper and it has much more options and works more efficiently. I can't say really if I spot any performance increase differences between the 2 so right now I use neither lol. Plus I hear if you defrag too much its not soo healthy for your hard drive.
I used to use windows XP Pro on my desktop file server that has 1.5TB of hard drive disk space accessible anywhere on the LAN or WLAN. The task of having to defrag that much hard drive once every month or two took a LOT of time, I'm talking upwards of 24-32 hours using the windows defrag program. I spent a good amount of time looking for a program that could cut that time in half at best and just never could find one that did that. That is why I moved to linux, I have been running Ubuntu Linux on the file server now for over 3 months and have noticed two benefits. One is that I never have to defrag EVER and on a minor note I also haven't had to reboot the machine in the entire 3 months it has been running Very Happy.

Ok, thats my linux plug for the day Very Happy

For defragging I found a program that was really effient, I will see if I can dig it back up. But the long short of it is that if you have a LOT of disk space, windows is ok, but linux will save you a lot of hassle in defrags :p
I dont user any 3rd party tools

for defraging i use the default Windows tool

it works good for me...

and as I am on NTFS therefore it works very fast too

Very Happy
never use O&O Defrag utility. it messed up my file system and now i am sufferin for it.
Usually your files will be scattered in the hard disk increasing the access time.. So in order to organize them..Defragmentation is essential and it takes longer time usually...

please visit that site .
i think i have explained good .
please tell me , how it is .
i dont like using the built in defragging tool in windows...i used a third party software i prefer diskeeper 2007 fast defragger for windows
ssthanapati wrote:
never use O&O Defrag utility. it messed up my file system and now i am sufferin for it.

Yea, I tried O&O, and thought it was good at first. However, I found out that the system starts having errors after defragmenting, hence, I dropped it and I am using PerfectDisk now. It is much better than the default windows defrag utility, as you can defrag MFT and offline.
I never knew there was defrag software, I think I defrag my system like once every 3 months or when I starts getting slow.
I have stopped using defragmennting software once I had 80 GB hard disk.. bcs I think it will take too long to achieve some improvement in performance. Can anyone tell me what is the improvement in speed access for 80-160++ GB hard disks.

If it is a strong recommendation for defragging my HD then I may restart defragging.

Schanie Ken
It will improve the speed of the computer and keep the files organized. It takes a huge amount of time, but I think it is important to defrag your computer every now and then! Wink
Unless you have installed and uninstall a lot of programs or files in your PC,
you are not necessary to do defrag often.

I've my PC for 2 years without defrag, still working fine. Wink
Normally I use the windows defrag utility but since so many people are saying there are better ones I'll try them.
the best defrag software which performs best is , DISKEEPER
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