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Game Programming Engine

Which one is better and easier to learn? What are the good and bad things about them? I am probably going to get one of them, just tring to figure out which one should I get.

DarkBasic Pro or GameStudio?

I havent never used GameStudio and I have only a little experience from DarkBASIC Pro.

First of all, you talk about game programming engine? Whats that? DarkBASIC is a coding language what specializes on making games, its not an any kind of engine.

Secondly, if you want us to help you in making the decision, please tell more about you and your plan on what are you going to do with those programs.
Hi Billwaa,

I don't know these programs, but they are certainly very limited. Maybe you should consider learning the real thing right away, like c++ and code your own engine....

This section should probably be under the programming/scripting forum I think, but here's my two bits on it.
First off, I've never used Game Studio or Dark Basic, but I've tried a few different game making systems as well as C++ and VB, but the easiest to start with is Game Maker 6.1. Making your own engine can be a pain if you're not familiar with a lot of coding. Using Game Maker is IMO the best way to start. It is so easy for 2D games, and can also do some simple 3D games if you're willing to do some programming. It's very cheap and you can do so much with your games.
For more serious programming, then I recommend C++/VB/C# with Irrlicht (for the directx/opengl wrapper) and Auriel (for sound). It allows you to use DirectX and OpenGL for your games and comes with wrappers to simplify it all. It is designed for 3D games though, and very useful with many different formats of 3D meshes (like 3DS or milkshape). You can instead use SDL if you want, it's also easy for 2D games and can do 3D games too. SDL also works with C++, VB and C#. Now for Perl and Java, I know you can use SDL and Irlicht somewhat, but I'm not sure how well they work. Java also has it's own Java3D setup, but I'm not too familiar with Java for that sort of thing. Ogre supposedly works like Irrlicht, but it has differnent strengths and weaknesses.
Another popular game programming system is Flash/Actionscript. Very handy, and also works great on websites too (or advertisements). It is easy to use and program, and easy to make great looking animated graphics.
Are you planning on coding on Windows, Linux, Mac or some other system? Most of this is for Windows, but for Linux I prefer to use Dev C++ with Irrlicht, but that's just me.
yeah, bilwaa, I know it's not necessary for me to say this, but what you're talking about are languages. C++ is one, BASIC is one whereas you got bot visual BASIC and dark BASIC. DB is made specifically for games, but it's not as easy as "MakeEnemyShootAndStuff value=(1,1)";
Dark Basic Pro would in my opinion be the better choice! I've been programming with DBPRO for sometime and it is pretty easy to learn, at least the basics! Wink
{name here}
The best game engines you could probably get out there are Source and Doom III's engine. Other than that, Polymost Build, GoldSrc, and some other engines might be of interest to you. You will probably need Visual C++ to compile most of these engines properly, but you might be able to get away with using GCC.

If none of these engines do anything for you, you can always program your own. FreeBASIC is my suggestion since it doesn't spoonfeed you and bloat your programs like Visual BASIC and it can take in popular C libraries such as OpenGL, SDL, and Allegro while making it slightly easier for you by managing the memory for your game for you.
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