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Sony Ericsson W700i vs K750i

Hi, I am going to buy one from W700i and K750i. I like all features of W700i except its camera which is 2 Mega Pixel but it does not have autofocus feature, while K750i also has a 2 Mega Pixel camera but it has the Autofocus feature.
Does anyone here know how much is the difference between quality of photos and videos taken from an Autofocus camera and a Simple camera?
I personally really like the Sony Ericson W series phones. My dad has a slider W series phone (W400 I think ?) and it is really nice, I was going to get it but they no longer carried by my provider by the time I had money to get it. My sister has a W300i and I really like that one too. In general, my opinion for Sony Ericson is that they are excellent phones no matter which one you get. The W series in particular is extra nice though.
hm i`am not very happy with my K750i, in one month the handy has 2 hardwarebugs.. that`s not cool because i`am a person who needs the handy the whole day x(
Thanks for all the replies. Now, Let me tell my story. First I bought W700i but was not satisfied with it, its joystick looked too delicate and was already giving problems, and that is when pressed the up or down button twice, it would press the enter button. Also its camera slider button made it look like a chinese toy. It would open whenever I didnt want it to. So I had to sell my W700i and I suffered a loss. Next I bought W810i which is a good quality phone, I find only one problem in it, it sometimes gets stuck up when playing songs from memory card. Rest is PERFECT.
i thyought about getting the k750 i because its cheap and good phone but now i have the mainstream razr v3.
I have w700i and in my opinion, this mobile is wonderful for music. and camera isn't so bad, 2.0 mega pixels, it's enough i think and I love my W700 Smile)
K750 - This phone can be converted to W800, K758, D750 variants. Convertion is also available for CID49 phones to W800.
well I have owned a K750i for a long time. Never gave me a problem. I use a 2 GB memory stick with it. And i never found any difference in playback quality in W and K series phones
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