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Some War3 Player's 2 Cents.

Anyone played on B.Net recently? By this I mean Starcraft and Warcraft 3 online.

I was reading a PC magazine that was talking about Starcraft in their classic PC gaming section. They said how the focus of games like Starcraft were turning more into "he who has the fastest movements wins". But I know it's not all that and there is stuff like micro, skill usage, resource gathering and unit selection but I agree there is a lot of emphasis on fast movements.

What do you guys think about this?
definetly not based on only speed.

there is stuff like micro, macro, etc all together called skill. by playing more games u improve your skill. speed is important element but definetly not the most important.
APM isn't all that important. Most people are spamming hotkeys just to show-off a higher APM but when they do that, they actually play worse. Hahaha. It's about who is the most responsive and receptive. The one who responses the fastest and is able to adapt to all kinds of situations comes out victorious. Of course, micromanagement and macromangement are important, but let's face it, in SC, how far's micro going to get you? It's more macro. In WC3, how far is macro going to get you? Everyone knows how to place buildings best from replays, it's all micro.
I think micro has alot to do with who is the better player especially in warcraft 3, you gotta take advantage of every unit's abilities and skills. You also gotta move your weakest HP'd guys back and save them, it also takes alot of speed as you need to move fast and build things fast and gain resources fast.
Yeah, it is all micro. Hmm, I think I'll change it a bit. If you do play Warcraft 3? What race do you go and what strat do you play with 'em mostly?

I'm a NE player who normally goes Arch/Talon in team. I just keep pumping those archers and get 'em to tier 3 at a reasonable pace and the Talons back up them Archers by Faerie Firing the heavy meat.
I'm Random, I play any race against any race. Two main races are Night Elf and Human.

Usually DH Panda, against Orc it's DoTT Master with Cyclone, against UD it depends, dryard/druid of the claw or talon/archer. Against human dryad/bear, NE mirror all dryad. Of course, situations varies the strategies.

Human it's msotly the rifle caster strategy, sometimes I like to use Dark Ranger and Pit Lord as Human instead of Archmage and Moutain King.

Tinker and Alchemist also works.
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