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A few more poems by me

Empty Tank

Here I am again...tired from not sleeping...Sad from not loving.
I feel miserable on this plane...Here on this earth.
I've done it again...I stayed out all night.
I feel it again...I dred this flight.
Because I'm sick...Sick of being owned...
I write because I'm sick...Sick of being known.
If I was normal...Would she like me the same?
If I was just a stock boy...Would she still enjoy my name?
I'd like to think she does and would...I believe in her and believe in me she should.
I'm gonna lean my head against this window...Close my eyes and go to sleep.
I'll wake up in the next town...With thoughts beyond deep.
The days will go by as I will just act.
As the days go by I can only look back...At the good times...the fun.
At the bad times...the fun.
I wonder if she misses me as much as I miss her...I wonder if she waits to see me...I wonder if she waits?
I'd like to think she did and would...I believe in her and believe in me she should.
My hear is so curious...My mind is so blank...Without you I'm lost...
I am an empty tank.
Sound Asleep

Sitting on the porch...scared to ring the bell.
I wait for you to see me...I sit scared as hell.
Rocking in the chair...hoping the squeaks bring you near.
I wait for you to hear me...I'm alone so filled with fear.
Pacing on the hardwood...not knowing what to say.
When you see me pacing...when you make your way.
Laying on your welcome mat...not feeling very welcome.
I guess you're in there're so peaceful...when you sleep.
Freezing on the cold but yet so sweet.
Your body's on the inside...I'd kill to feel your heat.
Dialing on my phone...the number of your phone.
I can't press no I'm...going home.
Walking to me car...I want to kill myself.
You make me feel complete...without you I'm...never free.
Free from depressive states...of mind, body and soul.
Free from sad days with from sad...days alone.
Turning my ignition switch...bright lights start shining through.
My eyes are blinded momentarily...oh my's you!

Sitting on the porch together...not worried about the bell.
We're looking in to each others eyes...
I'm no longer scared as hell.
This night will be a memory...
One that's sure to keep.
I didn't want to wake you...
I thought you were
Sound Asleep.

Nothing Said

It happened again...
I said hello and I heard no hey.
It's happened again...
There's nothing to say.
Maybe the old man thought I was
Stupid, ignorant, mad, or insane.
Maybe the old man didn't want
Me on this plane.
Who really knows?
Who really cares?
Who really studies?
Who just stares?
At freaks like people like you.
At old men like sickness that grew.
The old man might not have hated me...
He might have just said...
"I don't know about this boy...
He looks messed in the head."
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