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love rant...

i had know idea where else to put this and i need to just say it somewhere.

i'm a wreck at the moment. everything seems to be going crazy. i swear the number of times that yesterday went from good to bad and then back to good (went through this cycle a few times actually) is just insane. the relationship im currently in is great. i love the girl. she means so much to me.

so basically the first thing that started it all was i went up to one of our mutual friends rooms to help her with her HTML assignment. now i go up there and she's working on her bed. of course im not thinking anything of it, im just there to help her with the assignment cuz she's been having real issues with it all. now im helping her then my gf's roommate comes in and then she leaves after asking questions. turns out when she leaves she like freaked and told my gf to go see what was going on. didnt think anything of it. turns out they thought we looked "comfy". talked about it a little bit and that wasnt fun. but w/e just let it go.

what shocked me was later, i come back from my class and go upstairs to my gf's room and come to find shes just laying in her bed with just a towel. very nice surprise indeed. so yeah leaving out details there.

the rest of the day went well. then when just chilling in the room with my girlfriend, her roommate, and the roommates bf we're just lying in her bed. (just my gf and I) and she starts to go down my pants. threw me for a loop just cuz there were other people in the room. not that i was complaining.

however at night we started just doing never have i ever basically. it was just me and the gf. now this is when things went bad again. she ends up asking if ive smoked. and i said yes cuz earlier in the year i had a few cigars. not a whole lot and i havent for a few months either. however, this seemed to be a shock to her saying i had never told her. which i did a month prior on a different matter. so she's really mad/upset/a whole mess of things at me for a while. then all of a sudden it seems like nothing happened and we started fooling around.

now earlier this morning she just totally freaked and was like i need time to myself to think and all that stuff. and just basically left me hanging and freaking out. but then i see her at lunch and she's acting like everythings ok. she states that she just had a "freak out moment". i wasnt bout to stir shit up because i wanted everything to be back to normal....and as far as i can tell things are okay at the moment.

we shall see.

ill b surprised if anyone reads it is a book....haha
Wow, maybe you guys should sit down together and talk it through? She seems to be having some emotional confusion. Quite a few girls(including me) are emotional. But nothing you can't fix with a good talk!

Nothing personal, but run, and run fast. Do you really want to go through life with this person on such a roller coaster ride? Hot, cold, hot, cold....
Maybe she's just having mood swings from PMS or something. I get like that sometimes with my boyfriend. :\ Just talk to her about it and ask her what's going through her head or if something's bothering her. I'm sure everything will be fine... just communicate. It's the key. Wink
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