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Console vs. Computer: FPS

Console or Comp?
 78%  [ 22 ]
 21%  [ 6 ]
Total Votes : 28

Alright, what do you guys think is better for an FPS? Console or Computer? I personally would pick computer, not only because I think consoles are the root of all evil, but rather because the computer has much more movement sensitivity and more options to choose from with the Keyboard.
Computer crushes console over and over in FPS, in fact, in any category.
I would say that the consoles have a better FPS, because the games are tested by the game makers on them, and they are all the same so you are getting the FPS that the game makers intended. On the other hand, with a computer, you can have a pretty crappy system, and be playing online, and someone else has a kick ass computer and they pwn you before you can even take a look at them! Rolling Eyes
LOL, well that is true. Console would obviously be better than a computer if your computer is shitty. But if you have a gaming machine, than the computer will dominate a console. Look at my specs, my machine would dominate a PS3 over and over again.
Definitely PC on the FPS front. Unless you plug in a mouse to the console. Mouse and WSAD are -much- better than console autoaim and all that, to be honest. Not to mention that due to more control, the PC FPS games tend to be more fast-paced than console ones, where part of the difficulty of the game actually lies in the controller.
For me PC all the way. But then again, I was raised on classics such as Doom, Wolfenstein 3D, Half, Counter-Strike with keyboard and mice.

Me trying to play FPS on a console is just plain embarrassing. I over compensate or under compensate for my aim and pretty much completely miss the target and end up getting killed myself.

It's pretty amazing to watch others though. To be able to get the right touch with their thumb is seemingly pretty difficult.
PC is the better choice. You get way better accuracy with a mouse than you can ever get with a thumb-stick. Of course.. the Wii has pointing, which is great, but in Red Steel... its not so good..
PC, for me. I spent years FPS gaming on consoles, and then I got hit hard by Half-Life back in '98 and found it hard to go back ever since. The keyboard and mouse is far more versatile than a console controller, allowing for a better gaming experience. Granted, you can get USB keyboards and mice now for consoles, but chances are the PC will still rip any console a new one in terms of graphics and gameplay.
I have to say console, as I spend way too much time playing console FPSes when I try to play PC games, it feels awkward.
PC - the mouse and keyboard setup is the easiest I think and in general I think FPS is just one of those PC genres.
I'd prefer PC. I find mouse control much easier than joysticks, and really, that's the important thing in games that involve predominantly pointing and clicking ( Laughing )

Unless the console in question is a Wii. In that case, FPSs would be awesome.
PC is the winner here for me.

I tried playing Call of Duty on my PS2 last month, and I just can't do it. There's no smoothness in the analog motion. It's just so jerky that it takes 5 seconds to aim at an enemy, and by that time, you're half dead.

Now, when I play Counter-Strike, with the good old wasd, and mouse, it's soooooooo much easier it's not even funny.

I think I've given up on console FPS' all together, because it's just too damn hard to aim at anything.
Well if it comes to gaming I would pick PS2 for I think they're always the first ones who get the original release of the games.

But if it come to performance, I would pick computer. Well computer is very flexible and can do almost anything, unlike the consoles which are limited to gaming only. Another plus on computers is that you can play games that are not released in a single console. And of course one of the best thing about computer is you can emulate/simulate almost anykind of games that can only be played through consoles or handhelds.
according to me console are better than computer. we can play better on provides speed and feeling about the game..which is not possible in comp.

abhi Rolling Eyes
jay84h wrote:
Computer crushes console over and over in FPS.

I agree, I don't think in any category like you said but for the FPS PC are better.
Well, there are categories in which consoles are definitely stronger than PCs, though until now, these have mostly been arcade, racing and TPS. With the new consoles and new controller types, things might change a bit, and introduction of mouse to consoles will do a lot to advance things like RTS.

As for the post that claims computers don't bring speed and feeling... That is utterly, absolutely, fantastically wrong. Try playing Unreal Tournament against a skilful real-life opponent with a joypad. In case processing speed was meant, computers can easily beat the "next-gen" consoles with that as well. Difference is, the computer would be a bit more expensive because it's a bit more expensive to make the components of dozens different manufacturers be compatible with each others, while the consoles all have identical contents and don't need and can't normally have upgrades.
PC DEFIN #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, look at this way on a console you have a controller for the most part excluding the Wii which I have not had a chance to try so I will not speak on that.

If you have a controller you are limited in what you can do, so it would be great for arcade type games and racing games, other than that not very well equipped at all.

On a PC you have the keyboard and mouse, it is much easier to move and aim and even fire with a mouse and keyboard, you have so many ways you can customize the game to you needs, I would definetly have to say a computer is better for gaming in everyway.

Arcade games and racing games are better with a controller, so just get a controller for your computer, thats if you don't like using the keyboard and mouse for these games which you can.

Also you can custmize your computer to suit your needs to be the ultimate gaming machine, a console comes as it is and stays as it is. It is not very advanced and that included the XBox 360 and PS3.

I personnaly believe that if you consider yourself a true gamer you are on a PC.

This is my opinion, I do not mean to say people using consoles are not gamers, sorry if you take it that way.
Zyphrius, I would have to agree with everything you just explained. However, to elaborate more better in regards to consoles being for arcade and racing games? I purchased a PS2 around a year ago, and at that time I purchased WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2006. Since wrestling games are only made for consoles, than I like the Playstation in that regards. I also purchased WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2007 the day that was released. Other than that, PC all the way! I have the Logitech Dual Action gamepad which is basically a PS2 controller look-alike, and it works perfectly! For games such as NHL '07, a keyboard feels awkward, so I use the controller for it. That being said, is another example of how you can customize a PC. Purchase a controller, install the drivers, pop it in the USB port and your on your way! If WWE games we're made for PC, than I am pretty sure I would be playing them on the PC with my controller.

Yes Jay,

I would have to agree the only fallback with playing games on the PC is that some manufactuers only release games on the console like you said with the PS2, but of course you will find this with all consoles. That is the unforunate fact.

But I would still say the PC is more than the way to go, because as you said any game that you would rather use a controler for like an arcade game, (like your WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2006 and WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2007) or any type of racing game, then just get the controller hook it up and use it as if it is a console for those games, because those games are better suited to controller inputs over the keyboard and mouse.

So this just shows how you can customize your computer in the smallest of ways and still perform better than a console, which can barely be customized, I have heard you can add a mouse, which would be a major advantage as long as you can put on a keyboard, because using a mouse and a controller would be next to impossible i think.. lol
I love the computer.

With computers you can do more things then with a console...
Computer all the way. You can always do more in computer than console.
Also, a lot of new games only come on a certain console and the computer. If you don't have that console you can always just get it for computer. Smile
PCs will always have the best First Person Shooters and they will play better on PCs. It doesn't mean I hate console fps because I enjoy playing multiplayer on consoles. I'm hoping the Wii gets tons of fps.
Computer is obviously better in first person shooter, that's because sesitivity is way higher than a controller for a console. Well there is some exceptions:
A keyboard and mouse for console. But my choice stays the same:
Computer fps is better than console fps.
I would pick the computer because of the great effects the mouse has on your aiming etc. It's just so much easier to get nice and quick shots that way.
The consoles have less games and if you don't have an X-Box + X-Box live you can't play online with other people.

console is a toy and the comp is a tool (and a toy hehe)
Kitten Kong
I actually tested this out, I got my friends Xbox (which he plays ALOT) and we got a keyboard and mouse for it. We then had him play on his xbox control vs his 12 yr old brother who had never touched a keyboard and mouse. The 12 year old totally schooled him, it was embarassing. A 12 year old who sux at games kicked the crap out of an experienced console FPS gamer.

Of course keyboards and mice will never become mainstream for xbox as then noone would need windows anymore
Duncan Idaho
I prefer the Computer over anything else, mainly because I can just tap the ~ button while playing Morrowind, and pop opens the console. I can give myself anything I want at any given time, but I do only when I need it. Also, while playing a game I can switch from that window and the internet window for the guide to the game I'm playing, and back again. Computers create convenience, you "C."
Definitely computer. I have tried playing several FPS games on my friend's consoles and can't stand it. You lack that precise movement control that you get with a computer. The mouse and keyboard is the way to go Very Happy
Duncan Idaho
I think the console MIGHT have better graphics in some games, but the pc has better handling. Plus that and you can get trainers and stuff for the pc. Wink Not only that but you can type.
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