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PS 2 games like SOCOM

So, I've been playing SOCOM for awhile on PS2. I picked it up for like $5 used and after getting over my initial frustrations with it I'm liking it alot.

Can anyone recommend simular games for PS2. I was thinking Ghost recon but I've read reviews of all the games and they look lame.

I picked up Rainbow six 3, but it's too linear. I guess I'm looking for something a bit more open ended and strategic. (of course I'm planning on picking up the rest of the SOCOM games so don't recommend them lol)
The entire Conflict series. I've bought each one that's come out and they've all satisfied my gaming needs to their fullest. They've only made four to my knowledge:
    Conflict: Desert Storm
    Conflict: Desert Storm II
    Conflict: Vietnam
    Conflict: Global Storm*

The added multiplayer co-op helps a lot too. Each player takes control of two characters (out of four). Sniper, engineer, heavy weapons and assault.

* Name may be different in the USA.
I'm in the same boat I want to find out which games to get that I would actually enjoy playing online because it's so great that PS2's online is FREE! Stupid xbox live... I really dont think I'd like socom though but I havent tried it out yet.

I highly recommend Metal gear solid 3:Persistance the online modes are amazing especially capture the err frog...
Battlefield 2's not bad online too if you have the patience to figure it out... although I like single player better for that game myself

think starwars: battlefront would be good?
Sweet, I saw Conflict: vietnam in the same store I and I got Rainbow six 3 in and it looked interested. Glad to hear you liked it. Maybe I'll pick it up soon.

I didn't realize Battlefield was out for PS2. I had it on my laptop before I started having trouble with it (the laptop, not the game.) It was good, but I couldn't figure out how to fly the planes. I kept ending up in the water.

I need to get a network adapter for my PS2. I haven't had the chance to play online, but I've been dying to try it. One of my friends is looking for his old one, hope he finds it soon.
The battlefront star wars games are a lot like SOCOM. But if you don't like star wars, then maybe you won't like it.
Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is a decent game, even more so when online. The only problem being is that there's no support for it anymore (lag, low server count, etc) and there're no admins. Tons of people just come on to f**k other peoples games up and teamkill for the hell of it. Granted, you can initiate a kick vote, but most of the time, people don't bother voting which I can't understand why. They'd also get auto-kicked if their score reaches -24.

Anyway, if you're still looking at the SOCOM style games, I'd recommend the last Conflict game, Global Storm, over all the others. Not only does it have better graphics and gameplay but it has online play too for those with a network adapter. 4 players attempting a mission together, and stat tracking too. I used to play it a lot when it first came out, but not so much anymore. Got other games keeping me busy. Oh, it's also supports VOIP (Voice Over IP), so you can use your SOCOM headset to talk to your team.
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