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Animal Guide

How do you know about your animal guide?
I'm interested on it. If you have any info, please tell me.
Thanks! Very Happy
I'm actually curious too. A couple of my friends have an animal guide, or spirit guide. I belong in a Pagan club in my college, so you'd expect as much. Two of their spirit guides are dragons, and one of them has a smaller animal guide, but I forgot what it was. Anyways, I'd love to hear new information on this!
There are a number of different beliefs on "spirit" guides. I am assuming you mean the animal guides common to Native Americans.

You don't choose your totem and most tribes don't believe that they are given by a healer. You need to discover your guide yourself. Sometimes it will show itself in a ceremony, but mostly you just need to pay attention in your life and see what animal seems to speak to your heart. Take some time off and get away from the city (by yourself). Try to open yourself up to your surroundings and see what happens.

No easy answers...

Your totem might not be a "cool" animal. If you need something cool, just pick one and go on with your life. remember that the sparrow has as much to offer as the eagle.
I have heard of both, but I have only met people with a spirit guide. A friend of mine claims that his spirit guild, is his son to be, from the future. I guess in some ways this is plausable, but it may also just be a manifestaion of his imagination or another spirit attempting to trick him. I too have a spirit guide that I recieved at the age of eight. Spirit guides typically come to you, you really don't need to go looking for them.

As far as animal guides are concerned, I really don't know much about them. I have never met someone with a true animal guide before. I do have a friend who has a tendency to be very close with Ravens, but I'm not sure if you would really consider that an animal guide.

HoboPelican wrote:
Take some time off and get away from the city (by yourself). Try to open yourself up to your surroundings and see what happens.

When it comes to finding your animal guide I will have to go with you on this one.
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